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Learn here how to tag users in your Instagram posts.


  • 1.How to tag others in a Instagram post

2. Instagram is a Free Photo application that instantly allows you to share images with followers. Tagging in a post is great way to share a post to another users network and invite them to the conversation. 3. To start, select an image that you want to post from your photo library, or take one directly with your camera. 4. Pick a rock star filter to make your photofabulous, and click NEXT when you are ready. 5. We are going toTAG PEOPLE in this photo. To do so, Click the Tag People button. 6. Tap on the users face to tag them in the photo. Type the users handle into the search and click their account. 7. At first, the tag will land exactly where you hadtapped, so drag the tag around to where you wouldlike it to show. 8. When the photo is tagged, an image will show in the bottom left of the post. When you tap the post, the tag will show with the user name! 9. Tag your Instagram photos to get extra reach out of your Instagram posts. Fun fact: A tagged post will also show up in the other users account in the Photos of You section on their Account Profile. Click Here to Tweet this Tip For more FREE Online Media TipsVisit


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