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  • 8/6/2019 How to Succeed at Anything


    Success is very simple. But it is not very easy for most people. In fact, success boils down to two simple steps.

    Set goals have an intention to do, have or be somethingKeep acting in a way which is consistent with your goalsJust doing these two things will almost certainly bring you success. The troubleis that most people dont do either of them. Most people drift along aimlessly, n

    ot really knowing where they are going and having no clear vision of the future.If you ask most people why the get out of bed in the morning, why they work, what is the purpose of their life, they wont be able to tell you. The few people who actually set goals are way ahead of the crowd. And those who take the second step, and keep acting to support their goals make up the tiny minority of peoplewho are successful in life. In fact, the second step flows naturally from this first. If youre serious about your intention, then you cannot help but act in thedirection of its fulfillment. The action is effortless.

    Set GoalsThe first key component of success is to set goals. In other words, have a vision of what the future is going to look like. So few people imagine what their wor

    ld will look like in ten, twenty, thirty or fifty years time. They look in the mirror and think where did time go? What happened to me? At the end of the year, they say I cant believe another year has passed!

    Most likely, your life will not work out exactly as you planned it, whatever youdo we are not fortune tellers, and life is full of surprises and odd twists andturns but a goal (or intention) oriented life will be a successful life.

    Honestly, I dont think it matters much how you set goals. Just so long as you doit. Try to be as specific as you can when goal setting, but dont get too worriedabout detail. Its also important to be flexible. Things change, life changes, soyou need to adjust your goals accordingly. Not to say you should be constantlytinkering, but sometimes a goal just isnt right any more maybe you already achiev

    ed it, maybe its to do with a part of your life that has disappeared, or a new part of your life (maybe you changed jobs, for example).

    The main thing is that your goal is something you know you are going to achieve.It shouldnt be an option it isnt going to take strain or stress; in fact, its going to be easy. But action is, nonetheless, required. Which brings us to the nextpoint.

    Keep Acting in a Way Which Is Consistent With Your GoalsThe second component of success is to keep acting to support your goals. This sounds like a lot of work, but it really isnt. And in fact, its unavoidable. And this is really the point I am trying to make here your actions flow naturally from

    your intention. If one of your goals is to get fit, then you should start by really believing that youre going to be fit, saying to yourself I intend to be fit. Ifyou really do intend this, then you cant sit around, do no exercise, eat junk food, drive everywhere and so on. You have to change your habits, but this will benatural and easy if you really intend to achieve your goal. If you want to makemoney, youre going to have to get into the habit of saving more, investing, studying money related matters, spending less, finding ways to make more, developingmultiple income streams, and so on. But if all this is a chore, then you arent serious in your intention. If you dont find something natural and easy, then it probably means you arent serious.

    The small, natural and inevitable steps you take will almost certainly get you to where you want to be. A dripping tap will fill the bucket. To give a simple ex

    ample, if you start at the age of 25 and invest $100 a month at 11% per annum until you are 65, youll end up with $760,000. You can fiddle with the numbers for yourself by clicking here.

  • 8/6/2019 How to Succeed at Anything


    The point is to keep going. Why do your New Years resolutions fail? They fail because you stop acting to support your goal. You hit one rough patch and you giveup. And this suggests that you werent really serious. Winston Churchill said Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm. The enthusiasmcomes from the seriousness of your intention. When you have a goal and your actions support it, youll find that things just seem to work out, often better and fa

    ster than you thought possible.