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  1. 1. How to start an Online Store?
  2. 2. Challenges involved in running an Online Store? Starting an Online Shopping site and running it successfully like Myntra, Flipkart isnt that easy way. Theres more to look in. Say., 1. Planning & Restructuring an Organizational Structure quite often. 2. Getting customers to engage and shop online. 3. Should need to drive more organic searches. 4. Maintaining Growth rates. 5. On-Time Delivery et cetera.
  3. 3. Challenges facing by the Owners! 1. To identify the right Marketing Channel for your Business. 2. To understand, what Social Media to invest in? 3. To Construct your Fan base. 4. To build trust. 5. To Manage the Traffic to your Business. 6. To keep secure your Payment Transactions.
  4. 4. To invest on Search Engine Optimization The Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a part of digital marketing, where the Online Shopping company can acquire huge amount of web traffic at free of cost (unlike PPC). But, selecting a right candidate is a bit hectic task. Heres a few tips to improve your organic searchability. 1. SEO friendly URLs. 2. Attractive Content. 3. Proper Navigation Methods. 4. Internal Site Search. 5. Canonicalization.
  5. 5. Other Most-Common Factors are, 1. Not knowing, where to start. 2. Product Uniqueness. 3. Lead Generation. 4. Customer Reach and Engagement. 5. Understanding the Market Trends. 6. Understanding User Behaviour.
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