How to Start a Home-Based Food Business

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<ul><li> 1. 1. Familiarize Yourself with Rules, Regulations and Local Laws</li></ul> <p> 2. If you want to run a business out of your home, you wantto contact Your city or county office for requirements ongetting licensed, permits and zoning regulations pertaining to home-based businesses. 3. In addition, you want to check with your states healthdepartment in regards to getting your cooking area inspected for commercial use. Upon passing theinspection, you can receive a license. If you will bepackaging food items, inquire about labeling requirements too. 4. 2. Plan Your Business 5. A well-written plan can make apparent whether or not abusiness concept can be successful, therefore its best tocomplete this step prior to spending money on kitchen supplies and tools. A business plan will also help you figure out the most effective way to attract clients, and how long it will take to turn a profit. 6. Many small business owners take advantage of templates. Templates allow them to avoid the price of hiring a professional while also avoid the common mistakes thathappen when they try to write a plan themselves. 7. 3. Invest in Cookware and Equipment 8. After you have decided on a profitable business conceptand you are all set to make and sell food from home, itstime to invest in supplies and equipment. If you have apastime of cooking, your shopping list may be small. If you need additional cookware or food prep items, check outrestaurant supply stores for wholesale merchandise. 9. Remember to stock up on materials to package your products like bags, bottles, tins, shipping materials andproduct labels. Search on the internet for businesses thatsupply a diverse range of items - from pink cupcake boxesto vinyl bags to glass jars to wine boxes and shipping supplies - all the way to complete custom-designedproduction. 10. 4. Find Buyers 11. If you dont consider yourself a salesperson, a simple wayto bring in new customers is by allowing people to try yourfood for free. Make a list of local companies, organizations and activities where you can provide a sampling. 12. People love free stuff, and after they know who you are,they can buy more products from you. Its human natureto want to return favors. In addition, larger groups give you more exposure to more people. Not only do youconnect with more potential buyers at one time, you put yourself in a position to receive larger orders down theroad. 13. Remember to include your business card, a menu or list ofitems you carry plus details on placing an order. As anextra incentive, include a coupon or special discount. Thegoal is that you want them to get accustomed to working with you. 14. Here!/</p>