How to Start a Fitness Blog - A Blueprint on How to Make Money Blogging

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Post on 23-Dec-2014




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Can you imagine what it would be like to know that whether you wake up in the morning or not all your basic needs are taken care of? Picture it for a moment: whether you got up at 4am and attacked the world head on or slept in until noon, you'd have a roof over your head, food in the fridge, and clothes on your back. How does that sound? It sounds like financial freedom to me! That's the power of passive income, and it's more attainable than you might think. Read "How to Start a Fitness Blog Blueprint" from the top fitness marketing resource, thePTDC, and discover how to create passive income for yourself today!


  • 1. PERSONAL T RAINER DEVELOPMENT CENT ERHow to Start a Fitness Blog:A Blueprint on How to Make MoneyBloggingMany of today's self-made millionaires did sothrough the power of the internet. And one ofthe best ways to do that is by running asuccessful blog!If you're a personal trainer who wants to takeyour game to the next level, free yourself fromtrading your time for money, and achieve long-termpersonal training success, this article willhelp! It's taken from my book, which explainshow to start a fitness blog in detail. In it, Ioutline the process I went through to build ThePersonal Trainer Development Center intowhat it is today.It's hard work, but if you're dedicated it cangive you the financial freedom you've alwayswanted!Read this article and avoid wasting your timeand making the same mistakes I made. I wrotethis book because it's a resource I wish I'd hadwhen I first started thePTDC!READ THE FULL ARTICLETHE WORDS LARGEST FREE COLLABORATIVE BLOG FOR PERSONAL TRAINERS . WEREDEDICATED TO IMPROVING THE PERCEPTION OF THE INDUSTRY, AND YOUR SUCCESS.JOIN 94,747 FANS ON FACEBOOK, BECAUSE THAT MANY TRAINERS CANT BE WRONG.About The AuthorAs the creator and head coach of thePTDC, I'dhave to say that this thing is pretty awesome.If you're interested in my book, it'scalled Ignite the Fire. Feel free to come hangout on my Facebook page where I talk aboutexploring the perfect balance between fitness,business, & living an awesome fulfilling life.