how to share and care maja schreiner romanian testing conference, may 2015

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How to share and care Maja Schreiner Romanian Testing Conference, May 2015

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  • How to share and care

    Maja SchreinerRomanian Testing Conference, May 2015

  • About meSenior Test Engineer @ Swisscom, [email protected] @majaschreiner

  • About Agile Testing Meetup in Zurich

    Founded in March 2014First meetup held in May 2014Held 9 meetups so far

  • MotivationLearnMotivation

  • MotivationPhoto by Dave Bloggs -

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  • Motivation


    ColleaguesCompaniesPhoto by Jurgen Appelo

  • OrganizationPhoto by

  • Organization TopicsWhat is agile testingAgile vs. Waterfall Test Manager vs. Test MasterOutsourcing testing activitiesAgile EngineeringTest Automation SeleniumBDDDefect management processPhoto by

  • Organization SequenceFormal (presentation and discussion)

    Informal @ bar afterwards

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  • Organization SponsorsSimplificatorAppwaySwisscomPhoto by

  • Organization MarketingPhoto by MediaTwitterBlog

  • Organization

    Rules: Registration end Cancellation policyPhoto by

  • Organization Takes timePhoto by Dawn Huczek -[email protected]/Invest approx. 2 hours a week

  • Lessons learnedPhoto by Twentyfour StudentsIts a journey

  • Lessons learned Ask & listenPhoto by Beverly & Pack -

  • Lessons learned ChangePhoto by Alex Barth - opinions and plans Its not about you

  • Lessons learned NetworkPhoto by

    You probably cant do it by yourself

  • Lessons learned TopicsNew


    Vote !!!

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  • Lessons learned Share and carePhoto by

  • GoalsPhoto by is just a beginning :-)

    Grow further Attract more promising speakers

    Become well-known in Zurich and surroundings (German speaking Switzerland)

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  • Thank youPhoto by [email protected] @majaschreiner


    There are some software testing conferences in Zurich, like Software testing day, but no non-profit, knowledge exchange groups about software testing, and especially none about agile testing. *Even find a new job or help a colleague find one ****Linkedin Group TBD**********Takeaways***