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Where To Buy Louis Vuitton Bags For Sale? This is ...


  • How To Select Louis Vuitton Bags For Sale?

    Where To Buy Louis Vuitton Bags For Sale? This is a secret! Let's get together to discuss.

    Lily Fashion designer Louis Vuitton is a controversial brand, created the one hand, the long history of the brandand the star designers join such a legendary brand uniqueness. Bold cross-bordercooperation, constantly evolving classic in recent years to become full of artistictemperament luxury brand Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton next to the mortal is an entirelydifferent story, the proliferation of imitation evolved into pure identity financial symbol. Blindlyacross ages worship, the formation of a Louis Vuitton absolute phenomenon. But it so doesnot lead to appraise brand is clearly bored.

    How To Select Louis Vuitton Bags For Sale? This problem will make a lot of people, today Iwill help you solve. To me a friend dress only selected foreign brands, this is his explanation: the expecteddomestic brands are too expensive, expensive and not expensive not to pay any attention toit to measure, but due to your heart this brand value and actual price control, limited sense ofthe value implied by the domestic brands, '000 shirt would make me really feel expensive,foreign brands just look at even higher prices, but there will be a strong sense of value in use, but not expensive. " Put down the the national complex factors, I also have to admit that allthese years the friend view held more than see a few people who, almost the higher theincome, the more so.

    Is also the result of the working relationship, with a friend recently chatted about the brandLOUIS VUITTON, there is talk about some topic about consumer psychology and strategy, infact, foreign brands have reached the achievements are not accomplished overnight, andalmost all experienced long exploration, transformation and accumulation, LOUIS VUITTONglobal hot, attractive purchase is not just a simple appearances.

    1, wear-resistant material

    LOUIS VUITTON mainstream material is printed coarse canvas (Canvas), outer coatingchemical materials and waterproof embossing, which are LOUIS VUITTON of the patent, thismaterial under the luggage has quite scratch-resistant, wear-resistant and waterproof andeasy maintenance to take care of, and not with the growth of the use of time obviouslyobsolete sense, but this fabric will slowly soften brighter LV fonts gradually become greenishand retain the unique refractive distance LV words are legible. Contrast traditional leather

  • easy to scratch, maintenance complex, can no longer be used for some time after the originalupright bright face for public LOUIS VUITTON canvas will be particularly attractive.

    2, a strong recognition

    The the modern social circle of life will draw to observe the buying behavior of consumers, inorder to infer the level of his wealth, and give the corresponding social status, social circle oflife finds its level of wealth owned by the individual's social status is largely dependent wealthlevel is private information, the outside world can not see, which makes individuals motivatedby conspicuous consumption to fight for the ideals of social status. In such a case, theconspicuous consumer fancy is not entirely the use value of the commodity, a deerapparently not a cow useful, but most people will prefer the former, because the "deer"symbols represent more scarce and more expensive sake. LOUIS VUITTON addition as acommodity, the more time has also become a symbol reflects the consumer orientation andtheir social class, main DAMIER CANAS, MONOGRAM CANAS series has a very strongidentification, although in style The color may vary, but let everyone see it at first glance,recognize the LOUIS VUITTON brands can take to give the buyer to be concerned about,envy opportunity.

    3, long life style

    As love at first sight, there is no guarantee for a long time, as a look that makes you feelsomething amazing, may also be seasonal strongest easy obsolete. MARC JACOBS addedLOUIS VUITTON brought a lot of changes, but this is based on more limited goods theelements improved or time on top of the original section of hot spots background, as sidedishes on the table staple bring people seasoning as classic will be retained, and a lot ofmoney in the history of more than a hundred years the brand has been playing the role ofsales pillar, as born in the thirties of the last century, Louis Vuitton Speedy series so far arestill big sellers. LOUIS VUITTON bags style and even shape and change people's aestheticpeople a "mandatory" recognition of their style, in this case, the purchaser will have a longperiod of use with a commodity.

    4, the first sense of value

    Most consumers purchase Louis Vuitton Bags For Sale, the most significant feature with astrong display and show off intent, the more emphasis on the collective and the surroundingsof their own views, increasingly enlarge this show off the intent, but this show off mentality

  • not driven They blindly buy premium brands, often before the purchase to go through ponder:what the most famous brand, what brand more attractive to the attention. LOUIS VUITTONtoday for its the incomparable first well-known in the mass fashion, they naturally becomemore choice, because usually people do not want to spend a lot of money to buy one in theconsumer, just know that the general public does not know the brand, and a lot of people tospend money when you choose the brand will think: ten thousand yuan are prepared tospend, why not coupled to two thousand yuan argue first?

    5 unique anti-counterfeiting

    Many people would say, the downstairs selling vegetables in the "LOUIS VUITTON", addingthat the unique anti-counterfeiting. Fakes Indeed, even for this brand of fraud have become aprofessional, dazzling from Double-A to 3A to 4A, many laymen are said flatly false wordslike genuine, but do not forget LOUIS VUITTON brand development has 154 years, theprocess is the process of struggle with the fakes, if not victory, the brand also has long beenobliterated. Introduced from the 1856 gray canvas suitcase the 1876 striped box appearsmany improvements, using snap-in 1886, to the 1896 Monogram pattern from the birth ofGeorge Vuitton pen so far this brand has too many details are imitation elusive and findsatisfaction from Imitation is a class "entertain" the game. Do not believe you can try, do notsay let the LOUIS VUITTON brands often use home went Silk selling imitation goods stalls,the owner must be able to within a few meters of your goods between genuine discriminator.In fact, the emergence of imitation goods brand is not all negative ---- help increase brandawareness and cultivate potential customer base, many Chinese people do not start fromusing fake brand awareness, and later began after money The real thing. 6, and the price

    HERMES, CARTIER, LOUIS VUITTON be regarded as a popular high-end brand, and itsproduct line is very rich, from small objects such as key chain the oversized luggage havecovers, key chains price in thousands greatly reduce the threshold used by the brand;different products in terms of price grade will be very open to different models of hand bagprices ranging from a few thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars (LOUISVUITTON last year launched a limited edition Patchwork Handbag, approximately equivalentto 400,000 yuan), thus forming a broader consumer base coverage. LOUIS VUITTON oflower-priced goods produced in the culture of accumulation customer positive entry attractrole, because even from a very small, very cheap items to begin, when you enter a brandLOUIS VUITTON user roles, as long as the conditional will efforts to buy bigger and bigger,something more expensive, and will buy more and more consumption in the domestic white-collar path from small accessories to bags to the shoes and apparel.

    7 package high usage characteristics

  • People acceptable to spend more money on durable goods, because these commodities aremore long-term so that value. Rarely a week to wear a suit of clothes, but may only use apackage, a package may have a variety of clothes with the program package goods relativeclothing have relatively higher rates The greater the value. LOUIS VUITTON has alsolaunched with the clothing line, but its sales are still mainly the absolute main sources of thebags, but also brand sales. From the purchaser psychological analysis, the one-time tospend more money to buy a higher utilization rate of the package is relatively easy to accept,while the same cost to buy a dress may hardly be determined (in China, you can see LOUISVUITTON bag many mass white-collar workers who most expensive costume), mainly sellingbags LOUIS VUITTON looks fairly easy way out ---- compared with the same high-end brandclothes mainly, the greater number of consumers , have the opportunity to achieve highersales.

    8, the added value of the historical and cultural

    Although the the brands founder of Louis Vuitton is a carpenter born in a small village inFrance, but since 1837 to Paris, from the Royal Queen luggage to take care division to brandfounded by himself and his name is increasingly French and European high accepted by thecommunity, and left a lot of the story can be traced back, now have become a valuable brandassets, its high value-added goods sales so far have been in the stream of power. LOUISVUITTON fully confirms the brand that is the truth of the story ", as we all preference deal"story "---- because they have an unusual background experience in your eyes, that their storyto win Your recognition and respect. Many domestic brands also saw the importance of the"story", so I started to Europe registered brand fictional story, but leave the final can not betrue, long recognized by the consumer brand to manufacture so difficult to win more Debu tothe identity of