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Learn here how to schedule a post on facebook. Always be top of mind on this social media platform!


  • 1.How schedule a post on Facebook

2. Facebook is a social media site that allows you to connect with your customers. Scheduling posts on Facebook keeps you accountable to a social media marketing schedule and allows you to stay top of mind with clients. 3. Write in a powerful Facebook post, remember to use hashtags! Decide if you want to schedule, or post right now. 4. If you want to schedule, Click the clock in the bottom left corner. 5. Fill out the date you wish your status update to post. When you are ready, click Schedule. 6. Tip! Make sure you are set to posting as the Business pages name, not your personal account. This is a setting that will show on the top of the page. 7. To check on what you have scheduled, go to Edit Page in the upper right hand corner of your business page, and select Use Activity Log. This will show you all the posts you have scheduled. 8. Tweet this: Schedule your posts on #facebook maintain your #socialmedia marketing scheduleFor more FREE Online Media TipsVisit