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As someone who was once in a frustrating, painful marriage, I know how it is to feel rejected. I know what it's like to feel fear and anxiety over not knowing what the future holds. I know what it's like to have a spouse who isn't interested in working things out, and is already looking toward "greener pastures". No matter how difficult things have been going, and no matter how “numb” you may feel about your relationship, there are 3 key decisions you can make to turn your marriage around and recapture the feelings you once shared. The 3 C's of Marriage can overcome ANY obstacle, and save ANY marriage. I'm 100% convinced of that because my wife and I are living proof. We are now approaching our 32nd anniversary, and we're both secure in our relationship. End feelings of rejection and stop feeling stuck and unsure of what to do. No one is without hope. But most ARE without a plan. Michael Eastwood's 3 reports can set your feet on the right path so you can move forward and regain lost feelings of love and respect. I know ... because the 3 C's helped me. There is hope - but sometimes we need a little help. "How To Save Your Marriage" may be the help you need.


  • 1.Quick Note From Michael :My goal has been and always will be helping people that are in situations just like yours.Ive been there and felt the pain, confusion, and frustration of losing the love andexcitement of my early marriage.The unanswered questions, the what ifs, the belief if she only understood me howdifferent things would be and similar thoughts kept me up many nights thinkingabout what I could do to avoid the conflicts we kept having. It seems our relationshipgot to the point where we couldnt talk about anything without getting into anargument over it.During the first 10 years of my marriage my wife began the process of separation 3times, and I did move out once and took a job on the road for 6 months. Many times Ithought divorce was going to be the only option.Thankfully, I was able to restore my relationship and I am now happily married to thelove of my life for thirty one years.Now I want to share that knowledge and help YOU build a healthy and happy marriage.If you know anyone who is currently in the same situation as you please feel free topass this guide along. Share it on Facebook, Email, Forums, etc. Share this whereveryou can to help spread the message and help impact peoples lives for the better.Thank You,Michael Eastwood

2. Overcoming Marriage ProblemsAs hard as it may be to believe when things are at their worst - you really can overcomeany obstacle thats standing in the way of having a good marriage. My own marriage isliving proof of that!In my own experience Ive found if youll take the following 3 decisions, and adopt themas your own, a successful marriage is inevitable. I believe these 3 principles are thefoundation, and the key, to any good relationship whether it be a marriagerelationship, a friendship, your role as a parent, or even your relationship with a nextdoor neighbor - adopt these principles and see what happens.The principles are called The 3 Cs of Marriage.I was introduced to these about 20 years ago. And they turned my marriage around.What Your Future Can Look Like if You Are Willing to Keep an OpenMind and Alter Your ApproachIm happy for you!Im enthused because I know what miracles are about to happen in your life when youapply what Im about to share with you.Would you like for you and your spouse to really enjoy each others company again?Here are just some of the things which can happen once youre able to overcome theobstacles that have been standing in your way you and your spouse can learn to: Respect each others differences Stop fighting with each other Agree about money Enjoy each others company Understand each other Trust each other Feel connected with each other Come to an agreement on parenting, and more!I created 3 free reports to go over things you MUST DO when working with yourpartner to achieve the benefits listed above. You can get the first one HERE. 3. Briefly, each report covers one of the 3 Cs of marriage. In this introduction youregetting an overview of all 3. Dont worry. Youll learn how to incorporate them intoyour life later. Here, Im just introducing the principles.The 3 Cs of MarriageThey are: 1. Commitment 2. Communication, and, 3. CompromiseIn that exact order.Does that seem too simplistic? If so, thats ok. Jesus taught some of the simplest lessonsever recorded, and yet theyre also some of the most profound! Apply each of these 3principles to your marriage and just watch what happens!If you really want to get past the obstacles that have been sabotaging your marriagefollow this simple step-by-step action plan to make them a thing of the past. These are 3proven and time tested tips that will show you how to have a happy and fulfillingmarriage.#1) Commitment a solid commitment by itself gets you over 50% thereWhen a person lacks commitment it means they can only be relied upon when thingsare going well. And thats just not life on this planet earth. I dont care who you are you will have obstacles and you will have challenges. Marriage is just one of many areasin which they occur.A solid commitment is HUGE because it locks your mind in on finding a way no matterwhat! Once thats your attitude your mind starts looking for and expecting solutions.Is that what youve been experiencing so far? If so thats great! It means youre alreadymuch closer than you thought. Your commitment alone means youre over half waythere! If not, you can learn how to make that commitment and whats involved. 4. #2) Communication the starting point of mutual understandingWho doesnt want to be understood? And whats more frustrating than feeling yourebeing wrongly accused, no matter how hard you try to explain yourself?In communication its important to have ground rules. If a husband and wife can agreeto respect each other and take turns l-i-s-t-e-n-i-n-g its amazing what can happen. Goodlistening is rare. It requires shutting out your own thoughts and focusing in on what yourpartner is saying.Whats the alternative?By default we simply assume things, misinterpret each another, and make accusations.#3) Compromise if one person always wins that means their partner is a loser(because he or she always loses) Is that what we want?Think about it. We may want things to go our way but what are the odds were alwaysright?Yet thats how we act when all we do is fight. We become hell bent on the other personknowing were right, and theyre wrong. With a power struggle like that, is it anywonder this kind of marriage is in trouble? No give and take?Putting It All TogetherThose are the 3 steps you must take if you want your relationship back. Follow each ofthem and you are guaranteed to resolve the problems which seem so insurmountableright now. This is not a magic formula but its close.As I mentioned earlier, the upcoming free reports share the 3 things you MUST DO toensure success in your marriage. If you want your marriage to leave you feeling - loved, and, respectedthis is an excellent resource for you. And its the next chapter! 5. CommitmentThe First Key Decision That Can Overcome Any Obstacle and Save Any MarriageBy Michael Eastwood 6. There are 3 Vital Decisions (Steps) to Restoring a Marriage the First ofWhich is to Make A Solid CommitmentThe first step to healing a broken marriage is to resolve that no matter what it takes(short of infidelity or physical abuse*) you are going to fix whatever is broken. In otherwords youre going to make a solid commitment to your marriage.Without a solid commitment to work things out the chances of it happening are slim.With a commitment its almost inevitable.Trying to heal a marriage where both parties have been wounded can be one of themost difficult things youll ever do. Being in a hard relationship is certainly no walk in thepark. And depending on the amount of pain inflicted healing can be a slow process. Itsa process that takes time. Which is why it requires a commitment.But is it worth it?What are the Options?What happens if you dont make a commitment? (A commitment means no matterwhat youre going to see this through)Well there are really only so many options 1. Divorce you just give up.2. Separation you get ready to give up.3. You give all the blame to your spouse and become a victim.4. Get counseling you work on things and try to make them better.5. You stay in the marriage but divorce yourself emotionally from it.While you may be able to think of more, the above are the most likely outcomes. Butheres what wont happen. Things wont just magically get better.*[NOTE: Infidelity, although painful, can be healed. If your spouse was unfaithful and youre struggling with how to deal with ityou might try going here to get ideas from someone who specializes in that area. For physical abuse my advice is to get to a safelocation TODAY and then seek professional help in your area. ] 7. The Ugly Side of DivorceI remember when, after 10 years of marriage I went to an attorney to get the details ofwhat was involved in a legal separation. I wasnt quite ready to ask about a divorce, notyet. So I was asking about a legal separation.That visit was a real eye opener. What I learned was how intertwined my wifes and mylives had become. When you visit a divorce attorney even if its only to inquire about alegal separation - for the first time you start understanding the reality of what youreabout to do. And believe me it has a sobering effect on how you think.What you realize is everything youve worked so hard for, and poured yourself into, is a50-50 deal. You dont own anything yourself.We had joint checking and savings accounts, we filed our taxes jointly, our names wereboth on the titles of our cars, our house our possessions had been purchased or givento us from so many different sources we were both involved in varying degrees withour childrens school life. Our children needed us as parents and one of us would haveto move it just goes on and on. When the Bible says they two shall become one fleshits literally true in so many ways.Divorce un-builds and un-does what took years to nurture.Commitments Change EverythingTo succeed doing anything in life takes sacrifice and hard work. But it has its rewards.The determination not to be swayed by the highs and lows of a relationship builds innerstrength and integrity (which causes you to have a feeling of confidence in yourself), notto mention the ability to see beyond your personal unhappiness.Here is a famous quote by Calvin Coolidge, our countrys 30th president:Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is morecommon than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius isalmost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistenceand determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On has solved and alwayswill solve the problems of the human race. 8. Do you see the parallels here?Persistence, determination, and commitment are flip sides of the same coin. This meansthe same qualities Calv