How to Recycle Flat Poly Mailers and Poly Bubble Mailers

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Are Flat Poly Mailers and Poly Bubble Mailers Recyclable?

YES!and heres how you recycle them

Flat Poly Mailers100% Recyclable

CodeFIRSTWhere can I get recyclable poly mailers?Poly Mailers (bubble or flat) from PAC Worldwide are 100% recyclable

Poly Bubble Mailers100% Recyclable


Can I recycle poly mailers curbside?

All curbsides are NOT created equal

Each municipality has different recycling capabilities

Some only have the ability to recycle paper and aluminum

While others are able to recycle paper, cardboard, metals, glass, & certain types of plastic.

So check with your local service regarding Code 2&4 plastics

How do I recycle poly mailers if there is no curbside option?

Any grocery store that offers plastic bag recycling acceptflat poly mailers and poly bubble mailers (that are plastic codes #2 and #4)

You can look up the locations in your area at

Can I send used mailers back to the manufacturer to recycle?

Yes! PAC Worldwide will recycle your used mailers!

How do I show my customers that their package is recyclable?

If your mailers are from PAC Worldwide you are in luck! PAC Worldwide is proud to be a member of the How2Recycle Label Program

This is how your label will appear

Printing this logo on your mailer will show your customers how and where they can properly recycle their package after use, and its of no extra cost to you**

*when adding to printed mailer

How2Recycle is an on-package recycling label developed by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, a project of the non-profit

Do your part. 1-800-535-0039