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1. How To PublishYour Own Book InThe Amazon Kindle 2. We all grew up reading stories ofadventures and fantasy. While some liked the mythical world created bythese books others may have liked real life recounts by famous people. The fame and money world famous writers enjoy is something whichencourages one to try to become the next Shakespeare or Milton. 3. However, all these fantasies and dreams get crushed the moment they meet real life unable to get their books published. Amazon Kindle is providinga great opportunity for people who want to become writers but are unableto find a platform to publish their books or even experienced writers who want to get more exposure for their works. 4. Why Publish Books InAmazon Kindle? Joining and publishing your own novelin the Amazon Kindle is absolutely FREEand you only need to pay a royalty of 70 % of the book (If you have priced it between $1.49 and $6.99) and 35% for 75p titles. 5. Also with more and more peoplebuying Kindle books and preferring e-books to the conventional paper-back books, there is a huge market for e-books. 6. Steps To Publish Your First Book Publishing your first book can be veryeasy. All you need to do is to just login to and register (the registration process is completelyFREE). After you are registered, youneed to go to the Book Shelf and click on Add a new title. 7. In the following page you can select the title of your book, choose book cover, add the story, and quote theprice and other details pertaining to your book. 8. Thats all. You have published your firstbook and it didnt take you even a buss ride to a publishing company let alonethe other complications writers used to face some years back. You can startmarketing your books and spread the word among your friend circle. 9. Some points to notewhile publishing yourbook in Amazon Kindle 10. Quote a reasonable priceDo not just quote an exorbitant price for your book. It will repel people from buying your books and until and unlessyou are a well known writer it is best toquote the price low. Better you can price your books at 99 cents which is one ofthe most sought after price range byKindle users. 11. Use good grammar and languageAlthough you might be quoting a lowprice, it however does not mean that you write whatever comes to your mind without the care for the grammar. You have to build up a fan base and eventually you can quote a higher price when you become famous. 12. Use a good cover for your ebook Although people are advised on not judging the book by its cover, the same does not happen. So it is best to use aneye catching book cover which suits yourgenre. 13. Use minimum images in the book Although it is allowed to use images in the book, it will however increase the size of the book. Also the images maynot be rendered in color or in the formatyou put it. If you want to take advantage of 70% royalty program, size doesmatter! They charge you per mb download. 14. Write books on Mystery and Romance or better mix thesegenres. They are the highest sellinggenre in Amazon Kindle and hencehigher chance of your ebook being sold.