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  • 10 Best Tips to Succeed at

    By Scribando, based on various sources such as Aerogrammes Studio, Self Publishing Advice, The Creative

    Penn and Scribando Insights

  • is the worlds largest community of writers and readers.

    Over 30 million people use the platform to share

    short or serialized fiction or non-fiction!

  • Therefore it is a great place to

    promote a book.

  • Especially if you are writing fiction geared toward young adults

    and new adults aged 13-30.

    As the majority of Wattpad users are under 30, with 35 percent between the

    ages of 18 and 30.

  • However Wattpad is a good channel for all

    genres if used correctly.

  • Here are 10 great tips on how to succeed a

  • 1. Post Regular Updates

  • If you write longer fiction, consider serializing it!

    Post once a week on a regular basis so followers can know when to expect new content.

  • 2. Include Calls to Action

  • Ask readers to comment and vote on your story if

    they liked it!

    And let them know where they can find your other


  • 3. Monetize Your Wattpad

  • The best way to make sales using Wattpad is to post a few chapters

    of your eBook for free.

    Publish your full ebook on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo or a

    marketplace of your choice, and link at the end!

    Set the bait, get em hooked, then reel em in

  • 4. Know the Trends

  • There are many options for genre publishing on

    Wattpad, but the largest communities are romance, scifi, urban fiction and fan


  • 5. Have a Professional


  • Use a clear author profile picture, a strongly written profile, and

    professional book covers.

    Write catchy blurbs about your books and link to other social

    media sites!

  • 6. Use Good Etiquette

  • Like any community, you need to invest some time before you become


    Follow people, introduce yourself in clubs, and personally thank

    anyone who likes or comments on your work!

  • 7. Use Your News Feed

  • The Wattpad News Feed is a great market research


    Check out what your friends and followers like to see what is popular among your target


  • 8. Cross-Promote On Social Media

  • Wattpad offers many cross-promotion


    Link on Google+, Facebook and Twitter, and list your books on

    Goodreads to get wider readership!

  • 9. Write Sequels, Sequels, Sequels!

  • Sequels tend to get more likes than stand-alone


    Each book promotes other books in the series and hooks new readers

    into all your work!

  • 10. Ask to be Listed on Wattpad

    Featured Stories

  • If you have a fair number of followers and reads, you can send an email to

    If you get on the Featured list, your read stats will go up


  • And finallylearn from

    authors who already made it!

  • Research authors who are currently successful

    [] and ask them for their secrets.

    Learn how Dianne Greenlay got 500,000 reads on Wattpad

  • Find out more about how to make your book a success!

    Find out more about how to succeed at


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