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Mobile App Marketing Guide

Over 73% of Total E-commerce Sales are Made via Mobile Apps

A Complete Package to Successful Mobile App LaunchMarketing Strategy Before the App LaunchMarketing Strategy On the Launch DayMarketing Strategy After the App Launch

Before The App Launch 1. Build a teaser website2. Pitch to app review websites.Sites like148apps,AppStoreAppsandAppAdvicecan generate a lot of buzz for your app if they mention it3. Create a six-second how-to series4. Run a contest5. Create Blog6. Create Webinars 7. Post on Pinterest.

How to launch A Mobile App ?Submit Your App On Google Play Store and App Store2. Create a Landing PageNotify your Existing Customers of your app's availabilityNotify your press list and influencers 5. Use giveaways to get thousands of downloads.

Steps to follow to Submit app on Play Store App Store Product Page App Name : OnGoBuyo App Icon :


Ingredients That Make A Description BetterEngagingInformative content Professional language (according to industry)Highlights the features and functionalityContent that user reads, appreciate & understand.

Whats New :

1.Opportunity to communicate with active users2.List updates & changes3.Add call-to-action message4.Let users know for changes made after their feedbacks


Keywords are limited to 100 characters total, with words separated by commas. Maximize the number of words that fit in this character limit by avoiding the following: 1. Plurals of words that youve already included in singular form2. The names of categories or the word app3. Duplicate words

Improper use of keywords is a common reason for App Store rejections. Do not use the following in your keywords:

1.Unauthorized use of trademarked terms, celebrity names, and other protected words and phrases2. Terms that are not relevant to the app3. Competing app names4. Irrelevant, inappropriate, offensive, or objectionable terms

How to Promote Your App ?

Social Media lets You Go Viral Over 78 % of U.S. Americans have a social media profileThe number grows 5% with 1.96 billion people using social mediaThe number expected to reach 2.5 billion by 2018

1.Set up a page. 2.Use the audience network.3.Choose your advert audience. 4.Reach customers you know. 5.App install and engagement adverts6.Share your content and products7.Share updated features8.Get Likes and Reviews

App CardThe App Card represents mobile applications on Twitter and drives installs. Its designed to allow for a name, description & icon and to highlight attributes such as the rating and price. Sample Code Adding anApp Cardto your tweets is as simple as adding the below meta tags to your site:


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