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4 Great Ways to Use Facebook to Market Your Kindle Book

How to Promote a Kindle Book on Goodreads

What is GoodreadsIt is a social cataloging website

It permits individuals to sign up and register books to create their library catalogs and reading lists.

It also allows users to create their own groups of book suggestions and discussions.

In this presentation, we will look at the different ways on how to promote a Kindle book through the Goodreads Author Program.

Pimp Your Profile

Add a photo to your profile

Add information about yourself

Link Your blogYour posts will automatically appear on goodreads.Your followers will be notified of your postsThere will be tons of exposure for your books

Promoting A Kindle Book WithFriends And FansGoodreads has a friends system that works a lot like the friends systems on other sitesJoin a Goodreads GroupJoin discussions.Leave a comment.

It's good to have friends but it's even better to have fansFans are best for the egoSet up a Q&A Group for discussion and invite your fans or friends.Goodreads members love to chat with authors

You can also send messages to your friends and fansBe sparing with this to avoid being seen as a spammer. Only send messages when there is a major event like giveaway or publication of a new title.

Promoting A Kindle Book With Paid Advertising On GoodreadsGoodreads offers pay-per-click contextual ads.Select demographic and genre so that your ads are shown to the right people.Upload a free chapter so they can preview your book directly from the ad.

Promoting A Kindle Book WithGoodreads GiveawaysOffer a physical copy of your book. Dont worry because you only have to give away one copy. Consider joining the Goodreads advertising program to advertise your giveaway.

Responding to Negative ReviewsNEVER post a comment or contact the reviewer through the message system.By commenting, you are pushing bad review up into a more prominent position.

Bad reviews can be useful feedback that you can learn from the next time that you write a book.

REMEMBER: Every author has some bad reviews.

Responding to Positive ReviewsClick the button to like them.Or you can just leave a comment thanking that person.Either one of these actions will help the positive review up toward the top of the list.