How To Prepare For A Film Shoot

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<ul><li> 1. The film making process is made up differentcreative processes.- Script Writing- Storyboard- Test Shooting- Shooting- Editing</li></ul> <p> 2. Here is an example of how we started to make the script. Webuilt up the script later..Bobby is lying on the sofa watching TV; he has a verylongawkward yawn and is alarmed by a text message on hisphone. Hereceives a text message from LARA (17) a very prettyclassmate ofhis. BOBBY is ecstatic by this text message andopens it. He seesthat LARA has accepted to come to his housetomorrow for a date.BOBBY quickly texts back: End of Scene 3. We later built up the script following the foundation ofhow to make a script by adding the conventions hereare the examples.- FADE IN- INT. LIVING ROOM- INT. LIVING ROOM- MORNING- BOBBY is fast asleep on the sofa.- CUT TO: CLOCK TICKING 4. As the script was created, we walked throughit and acted it out. This helped us notice anyproblems which may occur during the finalfilming. We also decided to act it out in thelocation which will be used in order to see ifany problems will occur with the location. Thisstep was really important as it saved a lot oftime changing the directors final ideas for thefilm. 5. We done a location recce in order todiagnose any problems which may occurduring our filming. We made notes on whatwill work and what wont, this ultimatelyhelped us think of what shots we would beable to use and in what location the camerawould be placed. This also gave us a visualunderstanding of where the actor wouldstand during each shot which will be taken. 6. Combining the walk through of the script andthe location recce we built up the storyboard.We decided upon using a variety of differentframes, angles and shot types. 7. The shooting script is used in the productionstage in order to save time in the final stage offilming. This gave us a brief understanding ofwhat shots will be used during the final filming. 8. We done test shooting in order to help polishour final plans for the film. We improved thescript and the shots that would be takenthrough this method as we found manyproblems with our initial ideas. We got familiarwith the equipment and actors which wouldbe used during the production of the film. Thisagain saved time and helped us improve ourfinal film. 9. The film schedule was the final stage beforewe began the shooting of our final film. Theschedule was used to help us become moreorganised as a group and help save time.With the film schedule we was also able todetermine how much time we would be usingduring our filming and how much time left ifwe wanted to improve something in the finalstages.</p>