how to place your bids at online auction sites like ebay?

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1. How to Place Your Bids at Online Auction Sites like eBay? If you are newbie to online auction sites, chances are that they you might get tempted to place your bid immediately for the product. In the excitement of auction, you may even end up paying more than the actual price of same product at a brick and mortar store or other online auction sites. Following are some smart bidding techniques for online auction sites like eBay so that win your favourite auction. Star Bidding from the Beginning By starting bidding from the very beginning of the auction, you can make the seller realize that you are a serious buyer. Also, this gives you time to find out any restrictions that the seller has put on his auction. Rarely, online auctions are open for the restricted bidders only. In such condition, you must contact the seller to seek permission to bid. Do It Yourself Auction Sniping Do it yourself auction bidding is technique of placing a bid within the last few seconds of the auction. DIY auction bidding gives you an opportunity to win the product without giving other a chance to bid again and outbid. Provided that you place a higher bid that the current highest you, your bid will be successful other has placed the bid that is higher than yours just a few second before the auction ends. You must be aware of the fact that eBay uses proxy bidding. Thus, regardless of the fact that you wish to place your bid just a few seconds before the auction ends, you must log into eBay to place your bid. Also, you are required to confirm your bid. So make sure that you have enough time to do this. As other may be using the same sniping method, you could still lose the auction. Use eBay Auction Alert Software There are some lots of eBay auction alert software that are capable to snipe for you automatically within the last few second of the auction. For the most part, eBay auction sniper software is successful. They work just like do it yourself manual sniping does but they are more precise and reliable. You just need to enter the auction product ID, the price you are willing to bid and your eBay account details so that the eBay sniping software can log in to your account. Just search eBay alert software in the Google and you 2. will find many free and paid versions of eBay snipers. Segbay is the best sniping software which can help you in winning the auction at eBay. Just save the search parameters (name of item, its price, etc) and Segbay web or app do the searching for you round the clock. When new items of your choice are found, the application will send you email alerts and app notifications. 3. Segbay - Best eBay Sniper App Get In Touch With Seller If you have decided to win the auction anyhow and want to have the product immediately, get in touch with the seller and ask them that you want to pay the highest amount if they are ready to close the auction early and switch the product the buy it now auction. If your offer is enough lucrative, the seller will agree to close the auction and auction and sell the product directly to you. However, you need to make sure that the auction is not closed away from the eBay since it will violate eBay terms and conditions. Also, this will give you a little protection as buyers. Download our Android and Iphone Apps: Follow us on:


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