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<p>HOW TO PARAPHRASE APA STYLE</p> <p>HOW TO PARAPHRASE FAST</p> <p>Paraphrasing a paragraph may sometimes seem a little tricky. But you dont have to worry because we will give you an idea on how to paraphrase fast and effectively.</p> <p>UNDERSTAND THE PASSAGE1In order for you to paraphrase a passage, be sure you have understood what you have read. If you comprehended what was written, it will be easier for you to interpret it in your own words. </p> <p>If you still have trouble in paraphrasing a passage, get a paraphrase assistance available online.</p> <p>CHANGE THE WORDS2This is the time where you will work hand in hand with the dictionary. When you paraphrase you change the words of the author yet making sure that the idea of the sentence is still intact. But be careful in your word choices because some are synonymous to the original word but is not applicable. Or perhaps, get paraphrasing help from experts.</p> <p>HOW SHORT SHOULD IT BE?3It doesnt necessarily mean that you make the text shorter when you paraphrase. Sometimes it takes a longer version from the original text depending on your word choices. To enhance your skill in rewording, read some paraphrasing examples. This may aid you in paraphrasing faster.</p> <p>CREATE YOUR OWN SYNTAX 4When you start to paraphrase, you just dont change the original word, you also must create your own syntax or structure. Syntax is how you put together your words to form a sentence. And that is how to paraphrase an article.</p> <p>CHANGE THE PARAGRAPH STRUCTURE5When we say structure, it means how sentences and paragraphs are put together . It is still considered plagiarism if the sentence structure is identical to the sentence structure of the original text.To avoid plagiarism, use a tool that has paraphrasing help.</p> <p>THINGS TO REMEMBERNow that you know the basics on how to paraphrase, let us show you some important tips.If there are phrase or sentence that you wanted to add to your work, be sure to use quotation marks. This signals the reader that this passage is borrowed.Always cite the author to pass up plagiarism.Be sure that your grammar is not compromised when you paraphrase.</p> <p>Paraphrasing is indeed a difficult task. But let our team of experts help you. We ensure you get the best paraphrasing. What are you waiting for? Visit our website now at:</p> <p></p>