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<p>HOW TO PARAPHRASE APA STYLE</p> <p>HOW TO PARAPHRASE APA STYLE</p> <p>Paraphrasing itself is quite a difficult task, moreover when you paraphrase APA style. But do not fret, because we are here to give you insights on how to do it correctly. APA style prefers you to paraphrase information from references, and that you keep direct quotations to a minimum.</p> <p>USE YOUR OWN LANGUAGE</p> <p>In any style of paraphrasing, it is the golden rule to use your own words. APA paraphrasing though is very difficult from other writing style because you are dealing with scientific contents which are pretty hard to reword.Remember that when you paraphrase, you still maintain the core meaning of the original text. </p> <p>1</p> <p>USE QUOTATION</p> <p>In paraphrasing APA, if you cannot avoid to use some unique words from the original passage be sure you put them in quotations. This signals your reader that it is a borrowed text.2</p> <p>INTRODUCE</p> <p>In APA paraphrase, it is significant that it is introduced or attributed. This will give information to what you are paraphrasing, and why to the better understanding of the reader.These are signal verbs that will help you to join together quotes into your sentences: (note that these verbs are in present tense)</p> <p>3acknowledgessaysobjectsrevealssuggestsrespondsconcludesagreesrepliesadvisesconfirmsdiscussesthinksclaimsbelieve</p> <p>KEEP IT CLEAR AND CONCISE</p> <p>Clarity and conciseness are significant when you write in APA style paraphrasing. This will prevent misinterpretation of details in the study as well as not to confuse your readers with the complexity of the sentences. Give clear explanations and descriptions and take out fine points accurately to give adequate information.4</p> <p>CITE YOUR REFERENCES</p> <p>5It is important that you cite other sources in your paper, this way you keep away from violation: plagiarism.There are two ways to in-text citations in APA format paraphrasing:Include the authors name as part of your sentence in the text.Write the authors name in the parentheses, after the sentence.Take note that you only use the last name of the author, and the date should directly be seen after the name.</p> <p>Let us try to do an APA paraphrasing example.</p> <p>Original textParaphrase- APA styleThe low self-monitoring person is generally more attentive to his/her internal attitudes and dispositions than to externally based information such as others reactions and expectations (Baxter, 1983, p. 29).According to Baxter (1983), if a person has a low self-monitor, then he/she tends to pay more attention to his/her attitudes, rather than to the ways others might expect him/her to behave.</p> <p>Conducting paraphrasing in any format, has never been easier than with the help from our expert writers. We guarantee you top notch professional support you wanted. Check us out at:</p> <p></p>