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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Presentation on</p> <p>How to paraphrase a scientific article</p> <p>ParaphraseParaphrase mainly express the meaning of something using different wards. Its extremely used in academic writing. It help you understand the text which have researcher written without a direct quotation.</p> <p>How you have to know about paraphraseDifferent writers write in many ways, some are clear some are not but you have to know all, There paraphrase in crying needed. To make something more engaging than original.To s how that you fully understand the original.To improve your understanding skill.</p> <p>How you can improve Paraphrasing skills..To Improve your paraphrasing skills, mere and more practice are crying needed. In these purpose you have to go in skilled persons and established organizations which have much reputation on it. Sometimes some one use software for these, its totally prohibit able! Because software contains limited capacity and limited sense. </p> <p>Learning StepsIts time when you have to follow scientific and strategic rules in acquiring knowledge. When you will go to acquire knowledge about Paraphrase then you have to follow some strategy based and scientific rules Because these will help you to enlarge your capacity. Some steps are here---</p> <p>Fully reflects the meaning of the Original.</p> <p>Follow different structure to understand the original writing.</p> <p>More and more read the text to understand the main view, these will help you to enlarge your understanding and writing capacity.</p> <p>Why it is Scientific process?Paraphrase is a scientific process because when you trying to enlarge your knowledge about it, then you have to follow some unique techniques and processes. Day to day you have to change your teaching method to understand the unique text. Now a days online teachers and are available to teach you about these.</p> <p>Use different words than the original but all are used in context.Understanding capacity totally depends on the readers for these as a reader firstly you have to follow the original speech.</p> <p>Above all these discussion it is clear Paraphrase is a scientific article, different readers view depend on their understanding capacity. After reading any text when reader wanted to write something then he should follow the required tips. For more help visit our-paraphrasing-service-online/</p> <p></p> <p></p> <p></p>