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  • How to Market Your Book on

    By Scribando Based on Your Writer Platform insights

  • Pinterest is the 3rd largest social network

  • With 70 million users and counting

  • How can you leverage

    it to sell your eBook?

    But the question is:

  • Where to Begin?

  • Create a Business Account

    Use your real name and professional photo,

    Maximize the About section,

    Write a compelling description

    Use # hashtags in in front of major keywords

    Add your author website

    Set Search Privacy to no.

    Then get ready

  • TO IN !

  • Add Pin It buttons to your browser and download a mobile app for your phone

    so you can Pin on the go!

  • Create Killer Boards

    Start with 8-10 boards of at least 5 pins each

    Use keywords relevant to your target audience

    Keep board titles catchy, creative and clear

    Mix original and re-pinned content on each board

  • Connect To Your Website

    Add the Pin It Button to your website

    Add the Follow icon to your website

  • Number 1 Rule for Pinterest:

  • Be Choosy

    Your Pinterest boards are your visual brands.

    Choose only the best of the best pins!

  • and Be Consistent!

    Try pinning at the same time every day, and be mindful of

    your message!

  • Self-expression is key!

  • When to Pin for Primo Views

    Spread activity out throughout the week

    Avoid overwhelming your followers feeds,

    Create a secret board to hold your pins

    for sharing at a more even pace.

    Pinterest users are most active:Around 2-4 pm

    After 8pm on weekdays

    Sunday mornings

  • Tap Your Pinterest Market

    Where do you find users

    who will like your stuff??

  • Market Research Hot Tips


    Search for


    at the top left !

    Look for your

    brand keywords

    and see what shows up!

  • Stalk Research followers of other authors in your genre

    Who are they following?

    What are their demographics (age, sex, location)

    What brands are they interested in?

  • Pinning to Market 101

  • Reveal Your Brand Personality

    Pinterest fosters close relationships with your readers.

    What is your mission?

    Share your goals and dreams.

    On Pinterest, your readers will appreciate the candor!

  • Its All About The Low-Key Sell

    Pinterest is for creating and presenting your brand.

    On Pinterest, you get what you give, not what you ask.

    Balance gentle self-promotion and Share-Worthy Pins!

  • What are Share-Worthy


  • Some ideas to get you started

    Make it useful (tutorials, infographs, demonstrations) or

    Make it evocative! (beauty, babies, animals, humor)

  • Even more ideas!Inspirational quotes, books, projects and photos

    Lifestyle pins show off your style, hobbies, kids, house and milestones!

    Useful resources sites to help connect your audience with their interests!

    Behind the scenes insight into your process. Add value!

  • The Pinterest Re-Pinning Culture

    Did you know

    80 percent of pins are re-pinned.

    20 percent of pins are sharing original content.

    Your fantastic original content will add value!

  • Leverage Your Pinterest Community

    A friendly pinner is a successful pinner

    you get what you give!!

  • Add meaningful comments

    Create and participate in group boards

    @Mention Pinterest Power pinners!

    Follow pinners and boards in your audience

    Like and re-pin others content

    Share great pins

    on other social media

  • And get people excited:)

  • With the HYPE!Tease the launch of new content

    Offer free sneak peeks

    Hold contests for free books!

    Use discounts, promos and giveaways

  • FinallyGenerate Sales!

    Add a price to a pinnable image of your book.

    Dont hide important info!

    Link to your sales page

    (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo or your website)

    Use Analytics tools like Tailwind to track your progress!

  • Find out more about how to make your book a success! Visit:

    Find out more about how to use Pinterest as an author

    Visit: Your Writer Platform