how to manage your facebook business page on the go

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Manage your Facebook Business page on your mobile device with this application and always stay on top of this important social media service.


  • 1.How to manage your Facebook Business Page on the go.

2. Facebook is a social media site that allows you to connect with your customers. Having a business page allows you to build your brand using social media. Pages application is a FREE application to use on-the-go to access business page insights and scheduling from your cell phone or tablet! 3. Pages When you first log into Pages, you will see your Business Page. If you manage multiple pages, toggle between each by clickingthe menu button in the upper left corner. The menu, shown on the right, has the other pages and options for the application. 4. Select Insights from the menu to see the changes in data for your page. The data can be helpful to analyze the value of the content you are sharing week to week. 5. Need to quickly remove or add someone as an Admin on your Page? Click Admins to simply edit this setting. 6. My favorite feature on the application is the ability to schedule posts. On the Biz Page, select write post. Create the post, and when you are ready to schedule, hit the clock, and a calendar will appear! 7. Lastly, you can actually create a new Page directly inside the application. Scroll the end of the menu for + Create Page to start that process. 8. Use Pages on the go to manage your Facebook Business Page! Click Here to Tweet this tip For more FREE Online Media Tips Visit


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