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post for my online education class. It is about how to give a great presentation!


  • 1. How to make your presentation great!
    By Emily Stevens

2. Add Humor to Your Presentation!
-An excellent way to start your presentation is with humor.
- Anecdotes & self-deprecating humor break the ice & draw the audience into your Presentation.(Jukes)
3. Different types of technology
Non-projected Visuals
Real Object
Printed Materials
Graphics and Photographs
Flipcharts, Feltboards, Whiteboards and Chalkboards
Projected Visuals
Overhead Projectors
Digital Projectors
Document Cameras
You can use any of these technologies, and more to enhance your lessons and make learning a more fun experience.
4. Make Sharing Readily Viewable
Be organized!
Having a logical flow will help the audience follow your presentation easily(Jukes).
Maintain eye contact throughout the presentation.
Instead of having to turn to write on a whiteboard, using an overhead projector allows you to face the classroom while creating impromptu visual images(Lever).
5. Use helps
Many Software presentation programs come with guides that help you design different types of presentations.So, Why not use them?
Figuring out the color combinations for electronic presentations is challenging. Auto-content wizards will take you step-by-step through the process & even help you decide what typefaces you can use, in what size, in what position, & with what background.
Be careful about making your own template.
Its ok to use the pre-made templates.
The biggest mistake a novice can make is to ignore the guides created by the templates & place text on each page willy-nilly, which inevitably leads to each slide being slightly different than the one before & the one after(Jukes).
Use websites like find helpful ideas to make or enhance your presentation.
6. Fully Involve the Learner!
An engaged learner will take in more information than a passive learner.
Teaching and Learning with Technology advises teachers to take steps that will ensure that video viewing is a compelling experience.
Make handouts or study guides
Discuss the objectives of the video and the key ideas it will present.
Be sure to adjust sound, seating and lighting to ensure the best quality.
7. Finally..
8. Make Learning FUN!!!
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