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All business which have grown "BIG" are due to novelty of the "Ideas". It all depends on the "IDEA Itself". How do you market it to make it Viral. Learn 6 ways to make your ideas "BIG"


  • Saurabh Leekha Six things to know to make your business idea BIG
  • Business objective Why are you in this business? Your business objectives are based on the picture created by you for your business as you maintain and grow it. As an entrepreneur you need to do multi tasking on the every aspect of the business. You need to have clear & firm goals in your mind for you and your company. Clear goals would become the guiding force to scale your business.
  • Ideation How to create Sticky Ideas? Why do some ideas achieve critical mass while some are not able to achieve it. The way a sportsman need to have skill and practice to achieve excellence similarly : your idea must have the attraction and scalability to achieve critical mass. The ideas should be simple, have some element of surprise, able to connect with people and are scalable.
  • Innovation How to differentiate yourself and gain ground? Innovation is finding better way of doing something. Innovation can become a key tool for Entrepreneurs and SMEs to differentiate and stand out in the crowd. Innovation should be created around the gaps / challenges faced by customers. If you do some great innovation but same is of no big use to customers than it will not add any value to your business.
  • Business Plan How to build road for the future? If your Goals are destination than the Business Plan is the road leading to your destination. Business Plan is generally for 1 year period but some organization do make it for 3-5 years. Your Sales / Revenue achievement, Manpower, Expenses, Profitability, Marketing Strategy are generally part of the business plan. It depends on your type of business / stage / focus area to include / exclude focus parameters.
  • Appropriate Sales Model Which one is the right fit for your business? Your business type / objective / goals define appropriate Sales Model for your business. An expert can guide you whether to rely heavily on direct, indirect or web model for your business. You may be required to have a healthy mixture of the above models for attaining continued growth and expansion.
  • What are the best ways to maximize your sales successes? A right sales strategy can take you leaps and bounds ahead in your line of business. A right sales strategy can only be formed by understanding market place, your customers, competition and forecasting trends in business. You need subject matter experts who can guide for the right fit.
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