How to Make Your Facebook Posts More Effective

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Post on 14-Apr-2017




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How to Make Your Facebook Posts More Effective2. Keep it short4. Share exclusive contentOffer special deals to customers to keep them interested and drive sales. If you have loyal customers, let them know about special events or deals that reward them.6. Respond to commentsPeople like when you listen to them. When you reply to posts and comments quickly, youll notice customers are more responsive, too.5. Keep a calendarWhen special events and holidays are on everyones mind, mention them in your posts. Planning and scheduling posts around important dateslike Valentines Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and moremeans youll be more likely to get people talking.1: Seek to connectPosts are generally more successful when they connect with your audience in a real, genuine way. Posting on your Page is about qualitynot quantity. Post for the right audience. Remember if you have customers who live in different areas or speak different languages, you can create posts just for them. 3. Use big, beautiful imagesPosts with with eye-catching photos and videos stand out in News Feed, making it more likely that people like, comment and share.People like to scan on Facebook. Keep your writing short for better responses. You can link them directly to your website for more details. Dont forget to customize the headline and description in thumbnail content to give your audience more reasons to click.@ reactionpower | | Copyright Reaction Power Inc. | All rights reserved