How to make your event a success with a connected mobile application

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<p>Comment russir votre vnement avec une application mobile connecte ?</p> <p>How to make your event a successwith a connected mobile application</p> <p>Florian Courgenouil Marketing Director Goomeo </p> <p>Trade ShowsB2B &amp; B2CCorporateTrade Fairs/ ExhibitionsConventions</p> <p>EventsAttendeesConferencesProductsServicesSpeakersPresentationsAbstractsPractical info</p> <p>Trade Shows Trade Fairs ExhibitionsCorporateConventionsPut visitors and exhibitors in contactMake it easier to share knowledgeHelp employees adopt company strategy</p> <p>Create an ecosystem for communication and interactionTrade Shows Trade Fairs ExhibitionsCorporateConventions</p> <p>How to create this ecosystem</p> <p>Bring people together</p> <p>Digitise content</p> <p>Make my event informationaccessible anywhereand at any time.</p> <p>Generate sales contacts(leads)</p> <p>Digitise contact sharing</p> <p>Instantly qualify generated leads</p> <p>Make commercial follow-up easier post-event</p> <p>Develop a network</p> <p>View registered and present attendees</p> <p>Contact users</p> <p>Keep track of my meetings</p> <p>Organise your meetings</p> <p>Facilitate one-to-one meetings between attendees</p> <p>Optimise schedule management</p> <p>Track the events networking performance</p> <p>Boost participation</p> <p>Unlock interactionsHelp attendees to be heard and get them involved in the event.</p> <p>Increase stimuli </p> <p>Open up your event through social networks</p> <p>Encourage attendees to share their experience</p> <p>Make the line-up engaging</p> <p>Be fun</p> <p>Include emotion in your communication</p> <p>Bring your event attendees closer together</p> <p>Increase user-generated content</p> <p>Personalise the experience</p> <p>Contextualise your messages</p> <p>Inform attendees of presentations happening nearby</p> <p>Offer exhibitors a fun way of attracting visitors to their stands</p> <p>Send location-specific information to your users</p> <p>Create a unique experience</p> <p>Create my schedule</p> <p>Generate a visit report</p> <p>Select my favourites</p> <p>Orientate attendeesHelp attendees to find their bearings at the event, get personalised routesand create their programme.</p> <p>Your ecosystem for communication and interaction</p> <p> 783 750 016IMEX Las Vegas: 13-15 October 2015IBTM Barcelona: 17-19 November 2015Heavent Paris: 24-26 November 2015</p>