How To Make Your Drupal Site In Five Simple Steps

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Drupal is easy. You can quickly set up your website with this CMS. Moreover, it is cost-effective. T...


<ul><li> 1. How To Make Your Drupal Site In Five Simple StepsDrupal is easy. You can quickly set up your website with this CMS. Moreover, it is cost-effective.Therefore, it becomes a perfect choice for business owners. In short, it is an advanced solution forall kind of virtual needs.If you are going to create an online identity of your business organization in a financially affordablemanner then you should consider Drupal. You will only have the need to convert your graphical filesfrom PSD to Drupal theme. It will be an easy process of conversion. You just need to follow belowmentioned steps in a precise manner.Step: 1 Create Your DesignThis is your first step. You need to contrive an interactive layout for your business website. Your webdesign should have a call to action element to tempt your visitors for behaving in favor of yourbusiness organization. The design should work like a virtual symbol of your business organization.Such design will increase the potential of your Drupal website.Step: 2 slice Your PSD filesIn your second step, you should make multiple slices of your graphical design. The slicing of yourweb design should be done manually because manual slicing will increase the search enginefriendliness of your website. Therefore, you should prefer to take manual conversion instead ofonline one. In this way, you will make pieces of your web design and include them in separate HTMLfiles.Step:3 Create CSS FilesAfter including your PSD slices in HTML files, you can create CSS files for your website. In this way,you will have to create multiple CSS files for different purposes. Nowadays, coders prefer to usenumerous CSS files in their websites for responsiveness. Therefore, you should also create CSS filesas per your requirement. It will help you in giving a great speed and impact to your website.Step: 4 Integrate CSS files in DrupalAfter creating CSS files, you can integrate your CSS files in Drupal. During this process, you shouldtry to keep your integration process free from all possible errors. It will also be helpful for you tounderstand the integration process in advance. Considerably, the error free integration will help youin creating a technically sound online identity.Step: 5 Test Your Drupal WebsiteYou need to take each step in a systematic manner. After getting over from integration process, youcan test your website in accordance of known web application testing parameters. It will ensure theremoval of all unproductive elements from your website. Therefore, you should give importance tothis step. Moreover, you should also note down the records of your testing process to understandyour mistakes during integration and conversion.</li></ul> <p> 2. By following this process of PSD to Drupal conversion, you will become able to create an interestingDrupal based online identity of your business organization. In this way, you should take each stepwith dedication and patience to ensure the development of a technically sound website.By: Kanhaiya JhaArticle Directory: http://www.articledashboard.comKanhaiya Jha is an expert author who love to share his thoughts on various PSD to Drupalconversion service and their specialization. Subscribe to Mr. Jha to know more about various PSD toDrupal &amp; PSD to Magento Theme conversion providers. </p>