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  • 1. How to Make VideoWork With Social Media facebook/smbftw or @smbfw #smbfw
  • 2. todays plan How to Make Video Work With Social Media7:30 a.m. Breakfast & Networking8:00 a.m. Take your seat, pens & devices ready8:45 a.m. Open question time9:00 a.m. You cant hide from work any longer facebook/smbftw or @smbfw #smbfw
  • 3. what we are aboutNetworking & Knowledge:Taking online relationships to the next levelby having offline interactions and extendingoffline relationships to online networks.At the Social Media Breakfast, we feed yourbelly and your brain. #smbfw
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  • 7. connect with our panel Shirona Gunawardhana @shironag Fort Wayne, Indiana IT Shaman @ LOGPIPE . I do Information Technology (IT) Consulting, Deployment and Deployment. Nathan Strange-Davis @blustudios Fort Wayne, IndianaThis is the start of Celebrity Bootcamp...thee end!!! #smbfw
  • 8. question #1How much video production value do I need and arethere exceptions? #smbfw
  • 9. question #2What should be the focus of the videos we produceand how do we develop talking points? #smbfw
  • 10. question #3Who should we have be on camera? When shouldwe hire professionals? #smbfw
  • 11. question #4We want traffic to our website and social channels,so where should our video(s) live? #smbfw
  • 12. question #5What value do videos have to help with visibility insearch engines? And how do I make sure they getpicked up by the search engines. #smbfw
  • 13. your questionsNow lets answer your questions. #smbfw
  • 14. download Managing Social Media Message Delivery & InteractionsNext Event: April 26thAllen County War Memorial Coliseum will sponsorvenue, food, and parking!Speaker & Subject TBD #smbfw
  • 15. download Managing Social Media Message Delivery & InteractionsDownload todays presentation and future tweeted about todays event? #smbfw
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