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This survey represents data presented at a poster session titled "How to Make Social Media Work For You" at NAFSA 2012 in Houston, Texas.


<ul><li> 1. How to Make Social Media Work for You Presented by Kayla Paerson GoMedia Coordinator, Amber Kemann Senior University RelaFons Coordinator, CISabroad Copyright 2012. LLC </li></ul> <p> 2. Overview The following slides outline the results for a survey that was sent out on SECUSS-L in April 2012 The survey asked several quesFons about social media, and how dierent organizaFons are using social media The survey yielded a total of 86 respondents The survey results were used to present a poster session at the Technology Fair at NAFSA 2012 in Houston, Texas Copyright 2012. LLC 3. Copyright 2012. LLC 4. Copyright 2012. LLC 5. Copyright 2012. LLC 6. Copyright 2012. LLC 7. Blog posts, cross post on FB from website and blogs, Flickr and YouTube. We also highlight things on FB that are appropriate to our audience. Updates on events, scholarships, interesFng blogs/stories, sharing relevant informaFon &amp; events from other university departments, posFng student interviews/videos that weve created (YouTube, and then posFng the link to Facebook and Twi@er). We post weekly blog updates, and target other campus departments and organizaFons through shares/retweets and conversaFon in hopes that they will return the favor when we post ads about events or our programs. We ask for Facebook updates from abroad, create promoFonal videos and post to Facebook and YouTube, create animaFons with Xtranormal, give happenings out via Facebook, and dont really use our Twi@er account at all. Frequent Facebook posts, photo contest judging on Facebook, student blogs, class presentaFons aided by YouTube. *Note: The above are just a sample of all responses. Copyright 2012. LLC 8. Copyright 2012. LLC 9. Copyright 2012. LLC 10. With such a small sta, our social media eorts are mainly handled by our student peer advisors. We would love to have a Pinterest page and a more robust Facebook presence, we just simply dont have enough sta to do all the things we would like to do with social media. Pinterest, more strategic about what we post. Id like to have a plan for social media, but that is something we havent had Fme to create. We would like to have more videos to post but it is budgetary challenge. Wed love to explore social media but have too small of a sta. More constant and a@enFve social media use. *Note: The above are just a sample of all responses. Copyright 2012. LLC 11. If its used appropriately, yes, I think it can increase the amount of parFcipants who go abroad because it increases exposure to program opportuniFes. Yes, we feel that we are able to have a broader reach and we feel that it has been helpful in retenFon once students are selected to put them in Facebook groups. Yes. We inspire our students to think about study abroad. Yes, I think social media can help increase visibility of a study abroad oce and subsequently the number of study abroad students. I hope so, but have no concrete evidence. We tried Twi@er, but it seems that our students are not very acFve on Twi@er. Yes. I think that students relaFng their own experiences to other students is more eecFve than we can ever be. *Note: The above are just a sample of all responses. Copyright 2012. LLC 12. Copyright 2012. LLC 13. Copyright 2012. LLC 14. Copyright 2012. LLC 15. For More InformaFon: To learn more about social media consulFng or management services for internaFonal educaFon, please contact Kayla Pa@erson at To learn more about CISabroad and their social media strategy, contact Amber Ke@mann at For quesFons or claricaFon about the survey or the results, please email Copyright 2012. LLC </p>