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  • How to make Money Online from

    home Any Ages!

    You will receive $40 of free information

    right here on this eBook!

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    First of all I want to declare that any of the following information shall not be re-used for

    personal eBooks and other recreational purposes.


    Hello people, most of you who are reading this are not looking for huge paragraphs full

    of information that you are unlikely going to read, so I will keep this as brief as possible

    and get straight into the methods and success stories, I will also not be the one who

    defines internet marketing because most of you here obviously want to make the serious

    money that can be achieved by these methods, please read on to ensure you take on

    board all of the following information. I hope you use this valuable $40 worth of

    information here that we are giving you to your best abilities.

    Success Stories from this method

    So, I've freshly turned 16 and I join a website called The Warrior Forum...

    Next step was that instead of trying to market to the world, I went down to something

    super small, I could play guitar fast, very fast, so I wrote a simple eBook with audio

    tracks on guitar exercises.

    Over the next 6 years that would bring me in $20,000, which sounds great, but is not

    much when you think of that $20k spread over 6 years. But I did that with 100% free

    advertising. I did link swaps to improve my search engine rank, but mainly I did article

    marketing. I couple weeks I made $500, I was over the moon.

    But after writing a tonne of articles, I really wasn't getting the response I wanted. I would

    say to not do article marketing unless you are very, very patient. There is so much

    content out there these days, I think you really have to know what you are doing if this is

    going to be how you are going to advertise.

  • ALRIGHT... - This is where things changed....

    I thought to myself, a tiny eBook that took me a week to set up (including website etc), if

    I create a kick ass product then I should make a lot more money. So I spent 3 years (yes

    THREE years) creating a Guitar instructional product. Now after everything I have

    learned after this, I would never spend three years creating a product before selling

    anything every again, but it has put me in a nice position.

    I had an old email list from my first product, so I sent them into my product launch

    sequence to test it out, I did also have one affiliate who is a fellow Warrior. From these

    two sources I got 1,000 opt ins, and from those opt ins I made $4,000 in a week once I

    opened cart. After this I shut down the cart and went out to recruit affiliates, of which I

    only ended up with 2 (which was fine, wanted many more but oh well). I finished another

    sequence of the launch today, and this week I made $4,000. So really, I can say.... I

    MADE $10,000 IN 2 WEEKS Plus 3 years of product creation and website set up..... But

    I won't mention that


    So my advice to people who are not sure what to do, not sure why everything they are

    doing it not working and why some people are making heaps of money and you are


    1. Create a product

    I have tried to do affiliate marketing before, and I know many people are every

    successful with it, but I never made any money until I created a product of my own.

    I'm not saying not to promote other peoples products, I'm saying that your mindset

    changes once you have invested blood sweat and tears into building something from

    the ground up.

    2. There is no easy way

    I mean, you have to work hard, there's a reason why there is a saying that goes

    "Hard work pays off", because it does. I have been working through till 5am, 6am

    sometimes 7am quite a lot lately. It comes down to how bad you want it. I don't think

    internet marketing is for anyone who wants things to be easy.

    3. Test, Test, Test

    I would always be hearing this from every angle when I was younger, but I thought,

    meh, this will do... I would have lost thousands of dollars just by not doing simple

    tests on my opt-in pages, sales pages etc. Learn how to do experiments in Google

    Analytic and you will be away

    4. Provide Value To Your Marketplace

  • First Give stuff away for free. I always use to think... I don't want to give this thing

    away or else they won't want to buy my other thing. That's simply not correct. People

    these days want results in advance, they need to know you can deliver, so show

    them you can deliver by improving their life before you ask for money.

    5. The Guru's might just be right...

    I seem to see a lot of people saying that the 'Guru's' are scam artists, full of crap

    and you should never listen to a word they say. I have listened to advice from both

    sides, the Guru's and the Anti-Guru's. The advice that ended up making me money

    came from.... You guessed it.... The Guru's. I won't name names but all those guys

    that are at the top of their games. Listen to them and invest in their products, if they

    don't deliver the content they promise you can always ask for a refund so I would

    suggest to not be scared of purchasing a high ticket product. I have never regretted


    6. PAY for advertising Again,

    Only my experience.... There is a reason why you have to pay for it, BECAUSE IT

    WORKS. Don't be scared about spending money on advertising. Find a way to make

    the paid advertising work and you are sorted! Do this in ways of testing, remember

    what I said before? Test, test, test....

    7. Don't expect it to be easy

    Because the ideas are easy, executing takes sacrifices and time. But if you want to

    be an internet marketer, you will find the motivation.

    8. Go small to go big

    Best advice I have ever got. Don't market to the world, find a niche, then find a

    smaller niche within that niche, then go for them. It makes everything easier from

    product creation to marketing.

    You see how easy it can be? Creating an eBook for a product of your interest can

    make you up to $20,000 with little advertising and close to no knowledge; this can be

    done by introducing your eBooks to affiliate sites such as:

  • Or just using existing products to promote online, you can earn money from selling

    other peoples products in exchange for a healthy commission.

    This can make you serious, serious money.

    How do we do this?!

  • Get this product Free before time runs out!

    Why is ClickBank so superior to any other form of internet marketing?

    - Because the commissions are much higher. And because the products are digital, there is no shipping and handling, so they can offer higher commission to us


    - Below will be information about ClickBank, dont think that I am being biased towards setting up a ClickBank account, Im just merely suggesting a good option of

    internet marketing and also a very easy and sustainable method.

  • How to Make Money with ClickBank, the free, simple and valuable guide step by


    Firstly, youre going to need an account, but you all know that and Im not going to sit

    here and show you how to log into ClickBank, I know most of you have probably already

    had experience with affiliate marketing, therefore I will keep the talking brief and the

    information as precise as possible.

    Once the account is created you can head over to the product marketplace, this is where

    it starts to get interesting.

    This is just a quick snapshot of

    my sales of when I first started

    ClickBank, as you can see I was

    consistently earning over $200 a

    week and increasing!

    There is literally thousands of

    products out there that can be

    promoted in order to earn money,

    choose the category that suits you

    the most and get started with

    promoting your products, I will use

    an example

    Make sure to choose the

    products that interest you, that

    way you will be more confident

    promoting people and

    advertising it so that someone

    will buy it.

  • Step 1: Choose Your Niche

    This is easy, identify what you are most good at and find what YOU are going to

    promote, there are tons of affiliate websites where you can find products, but for an

    example I will use ClickBank as I enjoy using It and the marketplace is very friendly and

    offers lots of helpful information.

    Click here to get started with ClickBank

    At first this may seem

    complicated but I Assure

    you its not. This is how

    much the product will sell

    for and you will make %60

    commission from this!

    This is gravity, this shows

    you an accurate

    representation of the

    products quality, the higher

    the gravity, the more

    affiliates are using it! You

    dont want the gravity to be

    too high otherwise it will be

    difficult to promote, you

    want a gravity between 50

    and 175

  • There are other advanced steps towards this covered in the CB Passive

    Income Program which I cannot share with you, if you want to learn how to

    make serious cash from affiliate marketing,