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"Who Else Wants To Know How To Make Money Using Webinars?" If you are interested in How to Make Money Using Webinars ..... then this is excerpt from my interview with Steven Essa, who is also know as 'The 30K Guy' is for you. To get your copy of this interview and many more interviews by some of the worlds top marketing minds visit: to secure your spot.


  • 1. How To Make Money Using WebinarsInterview with Steven Essa

2. What Would Be The Best Way To GetStarted?The first thing that you need to do is choose what kind of platform you want to run from. There are two options: 1. If youre going to run live webinars, you useGoToWebinar. For as little as $99 a month, you can runas many webinars on as many topics as you want. 2. If youre broke and you dont have any money, then trya system called AnyMeeting. I think thats free up to acertain number of users. 3. Are You Limited To The Number Who Can Attend The Webinar? With an automated webinar, no. You can basically haveas many people as you want. With the GoToWebinar system, they have differentplans. Theyve got a plan, I think, for $99 you can haveup to 100 visitors GoToWebinar will let you capture than 100 names, butthe first 100 people to the webinar when it starts willget in, and anyone after 100 will say, Sorry, thewebinar is full. 4. How Long Would It Take Somebody ToBecome Proficient In Using Webinars?Webinars are very easy to run. Its a very simple system. Automated webinars will be a little bit trickier for someone who hasnt done it, because youve got to put a few of the elements together.What you want to do is just set up a live webinar at first.Then simply just record them, and then send the replays out to your database.You recommend people start of by going to GoToWebinar, sign up for the free trial, and then practice on your friends 5. What Are The Top Three Secrets To Running Successful Webinars?1. First of all, youve got to deliver great information. Youve got to respect the people who are coming to the webinar, because their time is very valuable.2. Make an irresistible offer. If you want to know the success of webinars, its delivering great value, great content, great information, and then backing it up with a great offer not a good offer, a great offer.3. Make sure that your presentation and your package your offer, your product, your service, whatever it is make sure that the presentation and that product are relevant to each other. 6. SummaryWhen you start out doing webinars, make sure you over- deliver on the content by providing more than people expect, and if you do have a product, make sure its relevant to what the webinar is about. If youre doing a webinar on snoring, dont offer them a package on weight loss.Make sure that when you do offer, its something that they want to grab and get. The product is answering their questions. Its something that they have to have because you sold them on it with over-delivering, and that the e-book or the audio that youre asking them to buy answers all their questions and its a no-brainer. You are offering something that nobody else is offering. 7. Brought To You ByBusiness Marketing