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<ul><li>1. to Make Money Using Facebook Page 1</li></ul><p>2. 2010 ZandermanISBN XXXXXXXXAll rights reserved. No part of this publication may bereproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmittedin any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical,recording or otherwise, without the prior writtenpermission of the author.Printed in the United States of America 2 3. ....................................................... 5About Facebook .................................................. 7Creating Exposure ............................................ 10Create Your Profile for Consumers .................... 12Promote Yourself the Easy Way ........................ 15Your Fan Page................................................... 19The Importance of Using Fan Pages.................. 27Using Ads to Make Millions ............................... 30Secrets to Making Money on Facebook.............. 37Case Studies ..................................................... 44Wrap Up ............................................................ 48 Page 3 4. =s Page 4 5. you have a business? If you are an entrepreneurwith a conventional business, you no doubt havefriends who took their business online. And youprobably want to do the same yourself. So you create awebsite, upload it to a web server, and hope for thebest. Your site may be indexed by search engines.Within a certain time frame, you may start seeingorders come in, although slow at first.Well, there is a way for you to blow your competitionout of the water, and make millions of dollars online,and you dont even have to depend on Google or othersearch engines to rank you or send you traffic. Letsocial media help you. The biggest social media site sofar other than Twitter is Facebook. For this e-book, Iwill focus on Facebook and show you how you can usethis tremendously famous social media site to makemillions.If you have a product that is in big demand, and havea super pulling sales letter on your site, you shouldnthave a problem making a ton of money with your 5 6. Before getting into how to make a ton ofmoney using Facebook, lets review Facebook and seewhy it is the choice of all social media sites to getinvolved with.I believe once you see what Facebook can do, youllagree with me that Facebook is the way to go. 6 7. FacebookFacebook was founded in 2004 as a privately ownedcompany. In the beginning, four college dormroommates got together and created a chatroom forthemselves. This project would later serve millions eachday. Facebooks main headquarters is in Palo Alto,California. But they also have a branch in Dublin,Ireland.They currently have well over 1400+ employees andmade $800 million in 2009. Most of that was by way ofadvertising. They have an excellent pay-per-clickadvertising system.If you have not signed up with Facebook, I encourageyou to do so, for the simple reason it is a powerful wayto get traffic to your website. When you sign up, youwill create a profile. Once the profile has beenthoroughly filled out, you can begin adding people asfriends and send them messages.If you have been on Twitter, you will find that onFacebook, a users profile is more pronounced. You canadd more stuff. The biggest factor for Facebook has Page 7 8. security. Their main concern was making surewhat you provided on their website can be hidden fromthose you do not want to see it. So Facebook has takengreat strides to tighten security. So now they haverules established to change the way security is handled.It makes for a safer and cleaner environment.Once you have signed up and created your profile,you can join groups, networks, and create pages inorder to advertise yourself or your business.I remember hearing a friend of mine tell me hesigned up to use Facebook, filled out his profile, andincluded the link to his product. About a month laterhe noticed sales of his product took off dramatically.If you have not signed up for Facebook and areinterested in learning about it, just go matter who you are, if you have a product youwant to sell, and have built a website for it, you can gettraffic to your site. And the more traffic you get, thegreater the chance of you selling your product. Page 8 9. is just a matter of knowing what to do and how todo it. This is the biggest hurdle to overcome. Therehave been a number of people, who went against theodds or the negativity of what people said, started awebsite, placed a product on there, and went aboutusing social media, especially Facebook to advertise.They ended up making millions of dollars for theirefforts.You can get there to. Just pay attention to what isbrought out in this e-book, and you will be on your wayto making millions as well. Page 9 10. ExposureIf you really want to be successful online, you haveto sell products that are in big demand. This meanscreating a website, putting up great sales copy, andplacing a link to the product. This is standard with allentrepreneurs, or at least it should be.Depending on search results to get the exposure youneed does help, but it is really insignificant in a way.You may see some traffic, but that traffic will be basedon the keywords people use. And the keywords usedmay be too broad.There is another way to get a lot of traffic to yourwebsite. And if course, you know that more traffic toyour site means more chances to sell your product. Theexposure is whats important. So how does one get theexposure without using or depending on searchengines?The key to making lots of money online is by sellingyour product to consumers. It occurs when consumerssee your link or ad, click on it, and land on yourproduct page. When they do this, and your web copy is Page 10 11. best it can be, you will find the consumer will morethan likely purchase your product.Again, seeing a link or ad is one of the biggest waysconsumers will know about your product. The only waythey will see it in search results is if they are lookingspecifically for your product and type in a keyword thatdeals with your product. Then your product page willcome up in search results.Or, if you use PPC (Pay-Per-Click), when they type ina keyword associated with your product, they will seeyour ad appear to the right of search results. Thenegative to this is that Googles Adwords is terriblyexpensive.There is a much easier and most cost-effective wayof getting traffic to your website. It is by usingFacebook. If you dont know this, Facebook just passedthe 500 million member mark.That is a tremendously large opportunity for you toget the traffic you seek. And we all know more trafficincreases your chances of selling your product. Page 11 12. Your Profile for ConsumersOne of the best ways to promote yourself and yourproduct is by creating a profile that will cater toconsumers. In this case, you have two options you canfollow.Option 1:You may want to establish an actual person to bethe focal point of your campaign. This way you canpersonalize your organization more fully, and give it theappearance of being a human being behind it.If this is the type of profile you want to create, youwill be more open to connecting with people. You willneed to watch your wall more closely so that peopledont take advantage of you and post stuff you wouldntwant to be there.The problem with this approach is that if you hiredsomeone to do the promoting for you, and that persondevelops a following, you would be in trouble if thatperson were to leave. The way around this would be ifyou were the one to be the focal point of yourcampaign. Page 12 13. 2:Establish a fictional character for your campaign. Thefictional character will appear and act like a real personwho will update your status, share pictures, makecomments, write on peoples walls, and so on.Any action that the fictional character takes willappear on the News Feeds of all friends that thefictional character accepts. When these actions areperformed, the results will also appear on the NewsFeeds of every friend as well.Think about this. If you developed a fictionalcharacter who got several friends requests, and hewrote a point or two about your product whenresponding to each friend request, your productinformation would show up on the News Feed of eachfriend.The only problem with creating a fictional character isthat Facebook has tightened their policies. As such,creating fictional characters may be hard to do. ButFacebook has not banned them. So you may be able toget away with it. 13 14. biggest concern for you when it comes tocreating your profile is to whether you want your profileto be all business or a mixture of business andpersonal. Be on guard about one thing. If you are goingto have your profile set up as business and personal,you will need to go over your profile completely tomake sure there are no pictures, posts, comments, oranything that may offend your business associates. Ifthey ever do get offended, you will lose business.Stay away from topics that are controversial likepolitics, religion, and other topics that seemcontroversial. You also will need to remove any groupsor pages that are controversial from your profile. Youmay not be able to remove your pages, but you canchange the content on it to appear less controversial. 14 15. Yourself the Easy WayNow that you have your profile set up, you canactually begin to promote your products. This isespecially true if you set up a business profile. The firstthing you need to do is post your product page and ablurb about it on your Wall. You can also place themunder News Feed.The News Feed page is what everyone sees whenthey log on Facebook. Take advantage of this byposting your product here. If you have your profile setup for business purposes, your friends you haveestablished on Facebook will not mind it. They canactually take what you wrote and spread the word foryou.Another thing you can do is take advantage of thephoto gallery. Why not upload not only your picture,but also the picture of your products. Page 15 16. you have to do is click the Create a Photo Albumbutton and you will be taken to a page where you cancreate your album before uploading your pictures. Hereis what this page looks like: Page 16 17. you have created a name for your album, youwill have the chance to upload your photos on the nextscreen. It is at this time you would upload all thephotos you want to share with others.You can share your own picture as well as any youfind that are appropriate and pertinent to what you areabout. Make sure the pictures are professional lookingor you may not go over favorably with your businessassociates.When people share your photos, especially yourproduct, your photos will give you a lot of exposure. 17 18. that is want you want. The more exposure you get,the better chance you have of selling your product.There is one other thing to keep in mind regardingFacebook and getting exposure. Go to and take alook. You can actually list your product on themarketplace and sell it that way. As you can see whenlooking at the marketplace there are many categoriesto choose from. All you have to do is choose thecategory you think comes close enough to what yourproduct is and place a picture of it along with a captionand your price. Then after you have done that, watchas the money begins to roll in.There have been many people who use Marketplaceon Facebook and have sold thousands and millions ofdollars worth of products and merchandise within ashort time frame. So dont overlook this goldmine. Page 18 19. Fan PageSo how can you use Facebook to make millionsonline? It really starts with the way you use Facebook.When you sign up with Facebook and create yourprofile, the next step you need to make is to create afan page. You can do this by going to creating your fan page, there are certain stepsyou need to take. You need to decide if the page will befor a local business, product, or public figure. In your Page 19 20., it will more than likely be for a product. So youwould choose number two. Once you have done that,choose a name for your fan page. This is the name youwill promote. After you have created a name, just clickCreate Official Page. Thats all you do. In thissituation, you do not have to worry about creating acommunity or group page. So ignore them for now.Here is an example of a fan page:To see this page more closely, just go to When you look at thesite, you will notice they release new graphic T-shirts Page 20 21. What is different about these T-shirts is thatthey are designed, submitted, and rated by Threadlessown customers or community. In a sense, thecustomers are the ones who control and decide whatThreadless produces. For this reason, Threadlessbrought their product onto Facebook. Facebook is acritical element toward Threadless success.How does Threadless succeed on Facebook? They doit in several ways. 1. Define the audience: They know what productthey have. They sell T-shirts with designs onthem. They went after people who love thiskind of T-shirt, like tech-savvy kids and youngadults. You need to do the same thing. Y...</p>