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1. So youve decided that you want to start an internetbusiness and make tons of money online. Youve found a great product to sell and built a great looking website topromote. However with all the time you spent on making a fully functioning website you have neglected the mostimportant factor in an online business. Having a good website is simply not enough to make it online. You haveto know how to market on the internet too. 2. First off people need to find your website on a whim. Ifthey are in search of a product or service that you happento be promoting, your website needs to be on the firstpage of the search engines. Achieving this takes anamount skill and attention to detail, but it is not that hardonce you get the hang of it. There are many ways that onecan go about learning good marketing skills. 3. There are many programs out there that you can take tolearn the basics of making money online, but the best wayto learn the trade is to find a mentor. Just so you know,one-on-one coaching is not always necessary. However, getting trained from a successful experienced internet marketer is the best way to soak in everything. 4. Everything is hands on, and theres no need to worry about second guessing yourself or making a mistake.Because you have someone there to help you on apersonal level, learning is much easier, and any questionscan be answered and explained immediately. You will pickthings up much quicker and gain more valuable information than you could ever find in a regularmarketing program. 5. Its also very important to do some research beforehand.You want to find a coach who is genuine, experienced, andhas valid credentials. Most importantly find a marketerwho is up to date with the online world. A sign of goodinternet marketer is one who is always finding new andinnovative ways to market online. With the internetconstantly changing its good to know that your mentor is always updating, and adjusting their methods. 6. Finding a good coach is somewhat hard to come by,however many do offer their services on a first come first serve basis. Internet marketing programs also offer thisoption, however at a price, and with a limited time. So do your research and find which ones are the best for you. 7.


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