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<ul><li><p> Copyright Ewen Chia, - All Rights Reserved Worldwide. </p><p>ALL RIGHTS RESERVED </p><p>No part of this product may be reproduced or transmitted in any form whatsoever, </p><p>electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any informational </p><p>storage or retrieval system without expressed written, dated and signed permission from </p><p>the author. </p><p>DISCLAIMER AND/OR LEGAL NOTICES </p><p>The information presented herein represents the views of the author as of the date of </p><p>publication. Because of the rate with which conditions change, the author reserves the </p><p>rights to alter and update his opinions based on the new conditions. </p><p>This product is for informational purposes only and the author does not accept any </p><p>responsibilities for any liabilities resulting from the use of this information.While every </p><p>attempt has been made to verify the information provided here, the author cannot </p><p>assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies or omissions. Any slights of people or </p><p>organizations are unintentional. </p></li><li><p>About Ewen Chia </p><p>Striving to earn an extra income, Ewen Chia started his first internet business in 1997. For 5 full years, he worked on his internet business part-time every day from 11pm - 3am while holding a full-time job. </p><p>He was motivated to build a better life for his family. After years of perseverance, he finally </p><p>succeeded and has not looked back since. </p><p># World-Renowed Internet Marketing Pioneer </p><p>Ewen is highly regarded as a pioneer of internet marketing and a world-renowed internet </p><p>marketing expert. He is also recognized as The Worlds #1 Super Affiliate and his name is </p><p>synonymous with Affiliate Marketing, although that is not all he does. Many of Ewen's students </p><p>had been able to quit their day jobs and make their own income online through his proven </p><p>training and teaching materials. </p><p>#1 International Best-Selling Internet Marketing Book </p><p>When Ewen launched his first print book, "How I Made My First Million On The </p><p>Internet and How You Can Too!"... </p><p>This book made internet marketing history by being the FIRST ever book about </p><p>the internet business and internet marketing to hit the #1 WORLDWIDE </p><p>BESTSELLER LISTS on Amazon, Barnes &amp; Nobles and other online bookstores all at </p><p>the same time in just 24 hours of launch. </p><p># International Speaker, Educator And Trainer </p><p>Ewen is also a highly sought after international speaker and is always touring the world teaching </p><p>the internet business to anyone willing to learn about it. </p><p>He has shared the stage with experts like Sir Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins, Robert </p><p>Kiyosaki, Tony Blair, T Harv Eker, Tom Hopkins, Les Brown, Chris Garnder and Donald Trump </p><p>(here's a picture of Donald and him.) Ewen also received the first ever internet marketing </p><p>trophy, World Internet Challenge for his LIVE demonstration where he started an internet </p><p>business from scratch and proceeded to make US$80,000 in 3 days from that same business - </p><p>all in front of a live audience. </p><p>Ewen has made MILLIONS of dollars online and now he invites you to... </p><p>YOUR FREE BONUS TRAINING! Register Now For Your Complimentary Free Bonus </p><p>Training To Realistically Earn Up To $30,000 A Month Online (Or $1,000 A Day) Even If You're A Beginner... </p><p>Click Here To Register Now (Limited Time Only) </p></li><li><p>Business Guide Secret </p><p>If you are not currently doing affiliate marketing then you are really missing a trick. </p><p>Affiliate marketing evolved from the simple concept that if </p><p>another website sends you a visitor and that person becomes </p><p>a customer of yours then you should say thanks to the other </p><p>website by giving them a small piece of the pie. </p><p>Affiliate marketing has now become a lot more complex but </p><p>the basics are still the same. You want as many sites as </p><p>possible to be shouting about you to their visitors so that they </p><p>come and see your wares, and then in return you pay a </p><p>suitable reward to that site based on your business </p><p>profitability and margins. </p><p>In this article I will go through a few of the things that a </p><p>newcomer should consider when setting up an affiliate </p><p>marketing programme: </p><p>1) The best commission/reward structure for your business </p><p>2) The best network/s to work with based on their affiliate </p><p>base e.g. the kinds of affiliates that are with them and that </p><p>they tend to attract. </p><p>3) How to get visibility on the key affiliates websites and with </p><p>the affiliate network. </p></li><li><p>4) Working on new promotions and incentive schemes to </p><p>motivate affiliates to promote you rather than your </p><p>competitors. </p><p>Deciding on an affiliate reward structure for your business The </p><p>first thing to look at is your new customer recruitment costs, </p><p>e.g. If over one month you spend 5000 on marketing and </p><p>you recruit 100 new customers then your new customer </p><p>recruitment cost is 50. Cross reference this with your </p><p>customer lifetime value(if you know it) to work out how much </p><p>commission you can pay your affiliates. </p><p>A Basic explanation of how you could calculate this is as </p><p>follows: The customer lifetime value will be the average top </p><p>line profit that each customer brings you over their lifetime. </p><p>To calculate a customers life time value the best way maybe </p><p>to take a group of customers that you recruited within a </p><p>months date range and to track their spend over a few years, </p><p>you will lose some of these customers, but others you will </p><p>maintain so you need to have a good sample size for the </p><p>calculation to be worthy. </p><p>e.g. </p><p>1000 customers recruited in June 2008. </p><p>Over the following 2 years they spent an accumulative </p><p>1,000,000GBP therefore you have a customer lifetime value </p><p>of 1000GBP </p><p>BUT </p><p>Cost of goods sold were 700,000GBP </p><p>Business fixed costs were 100,000GBP </p><p>Variable business costs were 80,000GBP </p></li><li><p>Therefore a total profit for these 1000 customers of </p><p>120,000GBP over 2 years, and a per customer profit of </p><p>120GBP/customer. </p><p>This is obviously a very rough fag packet example but it is </p><p>worth doing this exercise so that you can then determine the </p><p>profitability of all of your marketing channels through looking </p><p>at what their cost per new business customer acquired is and </p><p>comparing it to the customer lifetime value. </p><p>Anyway, to keep from steering too wide form the point of the </p><p>post... From this figure you can then determine how much </p><p>you are willing to spend per customer on your affiliate </p><p>marketing. </p><p>You now know that if you spend 120GBP per customer </p><p>acquisition then you will break even on that customer so if </p><p>you build in that you want to make 50% profit and spend </p><p>50% of the customer value then you can spend 60GBP per </p><p>customer acquired. </p></li><li><p>WAIT! Before You Continue Reading... FOR A LIMITED TIME, YOU WILL MAKE MONEY ON </p><p>COMPLETE AUTOPILOT! </p><p>Make EASY Multiple Income Streams </p><p>24/7/265 With This Ebook </p><p>Automatically </p><p>...Simply By Giving It Away For FREE!!! </p><p>Presenting "COPY PASTE INCOME"! </p><p>The ONLY Online Cash System That Makes YOU Money: </p><p>Click Here NOW To Start - Limited Time! </p></li><li><p>Now, if you work out the average number of orders of those </p><p>1000 customers over the 2 years then you will know your </p><p>average order size through dividing total revenue by total </p><p>orders. </p><p>Say for example that the average number of orders was 4 </p><p>then you will have an average order size of 250GBP. </p><p>So based on this if you can spend 60GBP per new customer </p><p>order then your commission level for "new" customers can be </p><p>just under 25%. </p><p>However, not all orders are from "new" customers so you </p><p>could do one of 2 things: </p><p>1) Decide to average out commission across all sales by </p><p>saying that every 1 in 4 customers is new therefore you can </p><p>pay 6% commission overall </p><p>2) Decide to have a higher level of commission on new </p><p>business orders and a lower level on other orders e.g. 10% </p><p>and 5% respectively (although you will need to have the </p><p>backend website functionality available to track different </p><p>customer segments). </p><p>As well as the cost to the end affiliate you will need to figure </p><p>in a network cost. As a basic guide this is about 25-35% of </p><p>the commission paid to the affiliates. Therefore if you pay </p><p>affiliates 1000/month then you will also need to pay your </p><p>network a fee of around 300/month so this needs to be </p><p>factored in when determining commission levels. </p></li><li><p>Always set your commission levels slightly lower than you can </p><p>afford so that you have the option of increasing commissions </p><p>for seasonal promotions and for giving high performing </p><p>affiliates added incentives etc. </p><p>What is the best affiliate network for me? The amount that </p><p>the affiliate networks are willing to disclose to you will depend </p><p>on your skills as a negotiator and also the potential size of </p><p>your business for the affiliate networks. </p><p>Approach all of the big networks - Tradedoubler, Buyat, </p><p>Linkshare, Commission Junction, Affiliate Future and </p><p>Clickbank, explain that you are going to be setting up an </p><p>affiliate marketing program and that you want as much </p><p>information as possible on why you should go with them. </p><p>Ask them: </p><p>How many affiliates drove a sale for them last month? </p><p>So that you can compare their size and reach with others </p><p>How many affiliates are promoting merchants in your </p><p>industry? </p><p>So that you can see their reach in your vertical </p><p>How much revenue did they drive for your entire industry last </p><p>month? </p><p>To judge the level of bottom line success in your vertical. You </p><p>should also look (if possible) at the % breakdown of the </p><p>revenue by affiliate e.g. what % of revenue is made up by the </p><p>top 5 affiliates? Is there a lot of long tail/small affiliate </p><p>opportunity? </p><p>How many new affiliates did they recruit last month? </p></li><li><p>To judge how actively they are growing and how proactive </p><p>they are. </p><p>How many new merchants did they recruit last month? </p><p>Ditto, are they an arrogant and lazy network? </p><p>How many merchants from your industry are with them? </p><p>(good to go with the bulk as there will be a good affiiate base </p><p>ready to promote you if they are already promoting your </p><p>competitors). </p><p>Who are the biggest 5 affiliates working with them? </p><p>Who are the biggest 5 affiliates with them for your industry? </p><p>How much commission will they charge on sales? </p><p>Can they run multiple commission rates? </p><p>Can they do lead generation on a fee per lead basis? </p><p>What does their management fee include? How much support </p><p>and help can you expect from them with affiliate </p><p>recruitment/reporting/problem shooting/industry updates? </p><p>What technology do they offer that is unique to them? </p><p>If you can get a fair bit of detail on all of these questions then </p><p>you should be in a good position to approach the negotiating </p><p>stage and play them off against each other. Obviously the </p><p>amount of leverage you have and how far you can go will </p><p>largely depend on the size of your business and what kind of </p><p>revenue you will bring the affiliate networks. Make the </p><p>networks excited about your marketing and growth plans. </p><p>Explain your past performance and what your plans are for </p><p>the next year - if they see you as an expanding and growing </p><p>brand then they will stretch further to meet your needs. </p><p>By the time you have got to this stage you will have your </p><p>preferences, go with the data, the best deal and your gut feel. </p><p>If you like and get on with the people on a genuine level and </p><p>trust that they will take your business seriously and will spend </p><p>time promoting you then go with them, but only if the </p></li><li><p>commercials and their business proposition stack up too. </p><p>Getting visibility with the key affiliates for your market Once </p><p>you have your account set up and you are ready to go the </p><p>first thing to do is to put together a target list of affiliates that </p><p>you want promoting you. Rank the affiliates on the list by </p><p>potential and then work with the networks on getting the best </p><p>real estate possible on the affiliates sites. </p><p>Get the affiliate network to give you a list of every affiliate </p><p>who has driven a sale for any competitor of yours (that is in </p><p>their network) within the past 6 months. Ask the affiliate </p><p>network to rank the affiliates in order of revenue driven </p><p>(obviously without the sensitive data) if they mess up and </p><p>give you the sensitive data (unlikely) then all the better. Put </p><p>together a promotional plan for the first 3 months and make </p><p>sure that your offers blow the competition out of the water. </p><p>Affiliates are businesses in their own right so are just </p><p>interested in promoting the merchant who can earn them the </p><p>most cash, so if you give them a better % commission and </p><p>your conversion rate is as good as your competitors or better </p><p>then you will quickly win them over. Check out the top </p><p>affiliates EPC (earnings per click). You then need to work out </p><p>how you can give them the opportunity to earn over this with </p><p>you - basically calculate: (site conversion rate x (commission </p><p>rate per sale X Average order size). </p><p>Ensure that the affiliate network have agreed to give you </p><p>featured merchant status for the first month and that you are </p><p>featured all over their website/blog/twitter/facebook etc and </p><p>emails. </p><p>Email all of the other affiliates straight away introducing </p><p>yourself as their support at your company, explain your </p><p>proposition, affiliate program terms (commission rate etc) and </p><p>explain that you have an unbeatable offer for the first month </p><p>that is going to have sky high conversion rates. </p></li><li><p>Save some fat in the promotional spend plan for the top </p><p>affiliates so that you can offer them something special for a </p><p>great location on their site. </p><p>Once you have the top 10 on board and are recruiting the </p><p>long tail through the email then get on the phone and work </p><p>your way down the list getting more and more affiliates on </p><p>board, there will be many that you cannot get hold of and/or </p><p>who do not reply; do not be disheartened as this is normal, </p><p>affiliates are busy people. Just try to think of good ways to </p><p>grab their attention and leverage all contacts at the network </p><p>to aid you in getting in contact with the affiliates. </p><p>Keep in close contact with the network - let them know that </p><p>you will make them work for their commission, be thankful </p><p>and complimentary when they are good but beware of them </p><p>being more lazy after the initial flurry - you need to hold the </p><p>pace for at least the first 3 months and then it should start to </p><p>get easier as you have some secure relationships that do not </p><p>need too much maintenance. This applies to both affiliates </p><p>and the networks. </p><p>New affiliate promotions to get the affiliates promoting you </p><p>instead of your competitors This is obviously a tricky one with </p><p>no clear right/wrong way. There are a few rules that I would </p><p>stick to though: </p><p>Keep things fairly simple - as mentioned above affiliates are </p><p>busy so if you come up with a highly complex (however fun) </p><p>promotional idea they may just switch off before you sell it in </p><p>to them. </p><p>Keep things fresh - do not just dole out the same old promos </p><p>every month to the affiliates, there will be no real incentive </p><p>for them to keep promoting you and trying new things for you </p><p>if they already know how it will perform on their site. </p></li><li><p>If possible base your promotions for...</p></li></ul>