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If you are looking for ways to make money from home then you have come to the right place. Learn my no frills method for becoming a freelancer and working from home.


<p>Your Step-by-Step Guide On How To Make Money From HomeNo Fluff, No Frills, Just A Method</p> <p>How Not To Make Money Online</p> <p> There are many ways to make money from home but some work better than others</p> <p> Forget Ebay - the margins are tiny and its very time consuming</p> <p> Affiliate Marketing Works - but can you set up a website with an integrated payment system, carry out onsite SEO and ongoing offsite SEM too to attract visitors? </p> <p> Avoid Mystery Shopping / Survey Completing - fine for pocket money but nothing more </p> <p>The Secret - Start a Freelancing Business</p> <p> Anyone can learn how to start a freelancing business - no experience required</p> <p> There are freelancing websites with thousands of jobs up for grabs everyday so finding clients is easy</p> <p> You can take your business far as you want to - from a weekend income to fully fledged business that enables you to give up your job or start a new life abroad </p> <p>Step 1 - Decide On The Type Of Work You Want To Or Are Able To Do</p> <p> Choose to provide services and skills that are in demand</p> <p> See what is needed at freelancer websites;,,,</p> <p> Make a list of your skills to see if they are transferable online.......</p> <p>Types of Skills that are Transferable Online</p> <p> Do you work in admin? Become a Virtual Assistant Do you work in marketing? Become a freelance </p> <p>marketing consultant</p> <p> Can you write coherent articles? Become a web content writer</p> <p> Are you a teacher? Become an online tutor and offer lessons via skype</p> <p> Do you work in recruitment? Become an online recruitment consultant and help clients find work</p> <p>Still In Need Of Ideas To Make Money Online? </p> <p> Learn a new skill for example search engine optimisation or graphic design</p> <p> Do data entry - there is plenty of work available on freelancer websites</p> <p> Invent a job (someone came up with virtual assistant didnt they!?)</p> <p>Step 2 - Define Your Deliverables</p> <p> Deliverables are a checklist of services you will offer</p> <p> They help define the scope of the project and your responsibilities</p> <p> They set you apart from the competition They prevent scope creep (when you end up </p> <p>doing more than you feel was originally agreed)</p> <p> Deliverables ensure both you and the client are singing from the same hymn sheet </p> <p>How To Define Your Deliverables</p> <p>Ask yourself the following questions: </p> <p> How will the client know I have completed the tasks / project as agreed?</p> <p> How can I define the scope of my services and responsibilities? </p> <p> In what way do my services fulfill the objectives and aims of my client?</p> <p> What is the process that I will use to produce a result that meets the objectives and goals of my client? </p> <p>Step 3 - Create Profiles On Freelancer Websites</p> <p> The best freelancer sites are,, and</p> <p> Create accounts and profiles at each one incorporating your deliverables</p> <p> Fill in as much information as possible and upload examples of previous work where possible</p> <p> Avoid Craigslist or other classified ad sites as they are full of spammers and time wasters</p> <p>Step 4 - Submit Winning Proposals</p> <p> Use a flexible template to save time. Download yours at </p> <p> State your deliverables and how they will benefit the client in their objectives</p> <p> Quote a realistic price and set milestones for delivery</p> <p> Offer daily / weekly / monthly updates via skype / MSN</p> <p> Provide examples of previous experience Submit the proposal asap</p> <p>Hints And Tips When Using Freelancing Websites</p> <p> Search and submit proposals every day Follow up with buyers who have chosen no one for </p> <p>the project</p> <p> Attach a CV / resume or project list with the proposal for buyers to see previous experience</p> <p> Attach samples of previous work Be systematic when searching for jobs to ensure you </p> <p>dont miss anything</p> <p>The Next Stage</p> <p>If you want to take your business up a gear you will need: </p> <p> A website and a blog To learn how to carry out onsite search engine </p> <p>optimsation</p> <p> To undertake cold emailing campaigns to find more clients than you know what to do with</p> <p> To learn about offsite search engine marketing and social media marketing.........</p> <p>Find Out More......</p> <p>.........Learn how at</p> <p> You will receive additional help on how to earn money from home without any investment </p> <p> You can download your flexible proposal template You can get your free deliverables checklist You will learn how to make your business soar </p> <p>with step by step instructions and advice</p> <p> You will see other how to earn money from home ideas</p> <p>Final Piece of Advice......</p> <p> Just get going! You dont need to do hours of market research </p> <p>scoping out the competition or a business plan or a website. You just need to follow the method. </p> <p>It works! I learnt how to make money online for free and you can too. </p> <p>Celia Balmer</p> <p></p>