How To Make Great Footwear

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  • Everybody has their favorite, go-to pair of shoes that they can always depend on. What is the secret formula to creating this shoe for your brand? We have outlined the top four elements to prioritize when designing your customers favorite shoe.

  • FIND YOUR INSPIRATION Trending themes in design are consistent across various industries such

    as automotive, apparel, art, and architecture Determine how your brand embraces these trends

    CONVEY A COHESIVE DESIGN LANGUAGE All parts of the shoe (upper, midsole and outsole) create one cohesive

    design language

    KEEP IT SIMPLE Ten Feet away - what is the iconic simple element that captures your

    attention? Three Feet away - what pulls you in to pick up the shoe? (texture, molded

    parts or unique features). Touching the shoe - what convinces you to pick up the shoe, try it on and

    ultimately buy it?

    1. DESIGN: Less Is More

  • 2. FIT & FEEL Emotional and physical fit

    FEEL Style Resonates with the consumer and inspires confidence Many women swear that 6-inch stilettos are comfortable because they

    provide an emotional comfort and reflect how they see themselves.

    LIMIT NUMBER OF LASTS Keep lasts to a minimum in order to provide a consistent, predictable fit

    FIT The last is the most important consideration when addressing comfort The beauty is in the broad range of shoes that many call favorites such

    as Chuck Taylors, Vans, Italian driving shoes, or Tods.


    FOCUS ON ADDRESSING GENERAL CUSTOMER NEEDS De-emphasize hard core performance because only the elite care

    HIGHLIGHT THE SENSATION OF THE PRODUCT Create an emotional connection

    BASIC FUNCTION EXPECTATIONS Emphasize your key features such as cushioning, traction, and breathability Keep it simple with 2-3 key attributes. Let the shoe speak for itself


    Style Identify the key aspects that your customers resonate with the most

    Simplicity Allows For Versatility Chuck Taylors, Nike Frees, and Dr. Martens are classic staples that have

    proven the test of time. Focus on timeless design Materials and colors also play a role - mesh is more limiting than leather,

    for example.