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This is a powerpoint for my Regent's Scholar class at A&M University about how to make good coffee as told by Costa Ricans.


  • 1. How to Maketold by Costa Ricas Caf Britt. As Good CoffeeSome photos courtesy of Varvara Marmarinou By Christy Adkins
  • 2. First, youve got to grow the coffee plants. This wholeprocess can take up to three years, justtrying to nurse good plants!
  • 3. Next, youve got to pick the coffee cherries.With these coffee cherries you must fermentthem, so that each layer of the cherry falls off until you reach the actual coffee bean.
  • 4. Then, with the coffee beans, you must take very good care ofthem. Workers will spend all day plowing through the beans. This helps to dry the beans off from their ex-cherry form.
  • 5. Once the beans are ready, they are grinded up in a machine andthen packaged, ready to be bought.
  • 6. Heres the fun part! Now you get to brew thecoffee. You can use your coffee pot at home, oryou can try your hand at a traditional old fashioned Coffee Maker It might take a while though.
  • 7. Congratulations! You now know how to make coffee! Enjoy!