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  • How to make funny Halloween slideshow with Halloween Photos and Videos

    Halloween is a yearly celebration well accepted by all adults and children from around the

    globe on October 31. People would prepare all kinds of interesting but scary Halloween

    activities ahead of time like wearing creepy costumes to go costume parties, decorating,

    carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, lighting bonfires, apple bobbing, visiting haunted

    attractions, playing pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films. We will always

    want to take pictures and videos within this interesting night to record down this special


    Have any innovative idea to celebrate the upcoming Halloween? We can make horrible but

    funny Halloween slideshow with horrible image and spooky background sound to scare

    others like family, little friends, neighbors, kids, boy or girl and bring them an unforgettable


    To make funny Halloween slideshow, you'll want to collect some frightening pictures or

    video tutorials about terrible masks, costumes, various jack-o-lanterns, and spooky sound

    or music. Besides, additionally you have to get a slideshow maker. BlazeVideo SmartShow

    is often a professional slideshow maker for users to produce or create cool and funny

  • Halloween slideshow to scare others on Halloween party with terrible sound or music and

    horrible pictures and videos.

    The tutorial below will educate you how you can create or make funny Halloween

    slideshow with terrible voice and music only by four simple steps.

    How to make simple funny Halloween slideshow

    Step 1: Import your Halloween photos/videos and music

    For making the Hallowmas slides to scare others, you'll want to download the slideshow

    maker BlazeVideo SmartShow and handle the installation on your desktop to start with.

    Contain all the prepared Halloween photos, videos and music in the program with the

    Import button. Drag and drop your desired photos, videos and music onto the timeline. To

    produce your photos and videos look better, you might also edit the imported

    images/videos while using the built-in editing tools by selecting the photo/video thumbnails

    around the timeline and hitting the Edit button or merely simply double-clicking the

  • thumbnail.

    Besides, adding a creepy sound or music in your unique Halloween slideshow would freak

    your audience out. We recommend one to come up with a Halloween photo slideshow by

    building some horrible songs or perhaps record some spooky sounds to terrify your pals.

    Step 2: Enhance your Halloween slideshow with transitions and title.

  • Adding a nice title for a Halloween slideshow can surely bring a transparent and obvious

    theme for a slideshow video leave a deep impression in your viewers. A good amount of

    titles are available and they are generally about different themes and scenes, like

    Halloween, Christmas, birthday, festivals and more. We would update web site page

    frequently to supply you the latest popular titles. Likewise, you might DIY your individual

    unique titles because of your customized photos and words.

    If you add photos/videos, there are some translations between these Halloween pictures

    and videos automatically. If you feel like other sorts of effects, you possibly can change

    them by just clicking the Translation button and dragging various custom transitions onto

    the timeline to make your movies look professional and lively.

    Step 3: Save and share funny Halloween slideshow

    For the Create tab, three options to save your honeymoon slideshow can be obtained:

    Pick a preset format for iPad, iPhone or other portable devices for playback.

    Save as slideshow video in SD and HD formats.

    Share on your own Facebook simultaneously.

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