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<ul><li>1.MANAGING PEOPLE IN 21ST CENTURY</li></ul> <p>2. How to make effective presentation? By Jay Sunder Pandey 3. Objective Make aware how to make effective presentation 4. RankFear1Public speaking2Heights3Insects4Financial difficulties5Deep water6Illness7Death8Flying 5. FEARCONFIDENT 6. FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING Fear of the audience Fear related to the material/content Handling presentation resources Fears about ones own abilities 7. FEAR OF THE AUDIENCETheyare more intelligent then I am and know more about the topic. Will they understand me? Bored &amp; not interested Question no answer 8. How to reduce audience related fear Know your audience See your audience as ally Remember you are the expert 9. Analyze Your Audience What are their names, titles, backgrounds, reasons for attending, etc? What are their big concerns? What are their objectives, fears, hot buttons, and attitudes? 10. Analyze Your Audience What is their perception of you and your institution? What are their questions likely to be? What is personally at stake for them? How much detail do they need? 11. Fear related to material/Content Is the material relevant to the group? Is the material adequate? Is it visually stimulating? Understandable &amp; coherent? 12. How to reduce material related fear Prepare your speech Organize your material Practice helps Make the material appealing Rely on index cards 13. Fear of handling Presentation resources There could be an unscheduled power cut. The equipment being used might not run. The whole set-up may be unfamiliar 14. Tips will reduce fear of resources Familiarize yourself with the Set-up Be prepared for any eventuality (gurukul) 15. Fear about own abilities I may fail to deliver a good speech. I may overshoot the allotted time. Not be able to cope with my anxiety symptoms 16. Tips to boost your selfconfidence Talk positively about yourself Separate your behavior from yourself Assert yourself while sharing ideas Praise yourself Take the initiative 17. Thank You ! Connect with us: | </p>