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1. r ~~ - Q;. Iii , I~I. il'-. J l ' I ' ". ;;'I I I 1 Ili; f.', 'i/3..///1 , . . .w. iiI. r9'i:9:/ .gI, :: + ~- j . ."-ir. i"_'z fame-. -.~' 1 F TI ll I ll. Paint the bowl on both _. sides with two or more . ,T.y ,1, A ; .. - coats oF paint.____________ _- Cut 10-12 pieces of wool about 3 Feet in length.Squirt paint many times in a sealable bag and put the pieces ol-' wool in.Seal the bag and squish it 2 . till the wool pieces are . __; covered in paint." [(((((ir '_=5 Take out the wool pieces Ililll and hang them,so that ; ' it they dry..1 H _ l Ti in the middle of the bowl.poke two holes in,hall an inch apart with the pencil.Cut a piece of wool about 440 inches long.Thread it through the holes so that both ends come out on the bottom side of the bowl.From the bowls inside, pull the wool slo that it arms a sma oo .Pass 5 the coloured woo pieces throu h,keepin their*2.midde parts be ow the "*loop. Turn the bowl,pull the -wool tight and tie a ($5double knot. On the inside side or the/ P./ "" -~ u ~bowl,take the coloured. 1 - pieces of wool together 1;?1 and tie a | lITFt. E: :l; i iil: l:: Iii'IL. ::: li| llilr ii_lIrEE : ::| l' . COTTl. l_}'3~: l.l. Il llIt: l%i'lll3li| liQll'"; Al l'll'ill'lIilIl :2 Aiiilaiiani.Ellglliall r. =.i12iiiii~: I.rsig[i: +:.evil.1_. i+: ; {Alli rtigiiii;r'. (;l~t1?l. r"? ll