How to make an effective presentation

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How to make an effective presentation

How to make an effective presentation

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How to make an effective presentation? the effective presentation makes the best use in the relationship between the speaker and listener of the listeners needs in order to capture their interest ,develop their understanding inspire.

Formulate a strategy for specific audience.

Develop a flexible , flowing structure.

Combine prepared material with an enhancing , not districting presentation style ; it is important to remember that how you present is present is important what you present.

Supplement the presentation with confidence to questions and challenges.


Understands to your purpose and role it is to be very clear about our purpose in the communication. It involve knowing the audience , the occasion , and the expectations of your audience . Your audience will be knowing to what is information are present and how it is present . Tell your massage to audience to understanding , their needs , desires and its knowledge level . You towards to your topic , be concentrate , specific , practical , and relevant to clear your objectives-is it is motivation?...information?...persuasion?...teaching?...develop your logically compelling case for your plan-how will be solved it for pressing problem , and advance silent value , or help , to reach the common goal , to research your topic . In the classroom situation , you may have to make presentation about topic but you are not expert in working world , you will likely know a lot of topic about it . You have to research the topic through the internal trade documents , trade journals , or special interest publication . compuServe , Dow jones news / retrieval , the source , and BRS/After dark and other some examples . The world wide web is growing source of information but you are very prepare for how it will search .


once you know that what you says , you need to concretize the material into meaningful massage . You cant assume that the you give the information to your audience is listening your audience is capable to hearing your information in the different ways based on your organization and presentation . Audience is aspect to answer .

I agree with the importance of topic but how are you just define your ideas?

So , now that I am convinced , what do you want form me?

Why should I pay attention to you when I can about more interesting things?

At present that I am interested , why should I care about this issue?

Preparation for presentationplanning preparation basic seven stapes to you make an effective presentation

1.preparationmany factor in effect the design to your presentation , effective presenter will acknowledge for following:objectives-:you decide your objective, you are in the best position to design and tone of your presentation.audience-:your audience in different type of experiences like its interest and knowledge level to prepare your presentation.Venue-:you prepare your presentation like room size, atmosphere will be create physical conditions and your tone. Remit-:how to make your presentation information to audiencelike that paper presentation ,point note and speak in detail.

2.choose main pointsyour presentation in the main points to in detail information and other point to avoid and go to next point.

3.choosing your supporting informationthe supporting information is help to your audience is under stand and agree with your main points and other to like that diagrams ,picture ,videos to help your presentation.

4.Highlight for linking statementsthe next in the presentation is liking statements , send your audience to signals like that the next stage in our project is, any questions... if you hard work in presentation to keep audience involved.

5. developing an openingthe introduction of your presentation and next point of speaker introduction you assume to our audience is lose to take the few time rest and after the start presentation and follow to your structure.

6.declusionvelop the conclusionyou use to remain the main points of audience draw this points to final conclusion and after leave audience to last impression of quality presentation. of presentationyour presentation is effective for audience or not.

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