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  • 1.How to make an audio powerpoint presentation on your magazine project (For task 2 in brief)Learning Aim: employ forms of address in a media production pitch with flair to communicate ideas with impact

2. Task: Make an audio and/or film presentation where you discuss the ideas behind your project, showing that you can communicate verbally effectively. Refer closely to what inspired your ideas. This will be posted on your blog and questions will be posted under it, asking you to explain. You can use images and text shown in other powerpoints and amongst the work in your blog.You have to speak on this as this is an alternative to speaking in front of the class. 3. In order to make a good presentation remember to: Make sure that the powerpoint itself is good enough beforeyou add audio dont rush it! Make sure ideas are in a logical and planned order to show the progression in project Make sure you have a script /notes to remind you what to mention (no erm, ums!) Keep a professional tone you are talking to a Publisher in this task who will publish your magazine! Dont be chatty and speak clearly. 4. Examples of good presentations by other Media Students: using Youtubeand screenshots but no recorded voice 5. Topics you HAVE to discuss in detail: 1.Your pitch of the whole magazine (see table document)2.Other music magazines available locally in Brighton (seehomework presentation) 3.The music scene of your genre in Brighton and how you could refer to it in mag4.Who your target audience are and what they want (refer to audience research findings)5.What ideas you have for content, design (use keywords) etc6.Sum up why it would be so successful in Brighton 6. To upload a sound file onto a PC You can use Audacity by recording, save / export file as an MP3 to then upload to a Powerpoint (Insert > Audio > Audio from file). Or record straight onto a Powerpoint presentation Or record on an ipad and email file to yourself (AudioMemos App) 7. Find the USB headsets available in ICT dept which have a microphone attached. 8. In Powerpoint Make your presentation, adding text and images to all slides Write a script or notes to remind you what to say about each slide Make one recording for each slideThis symbol should appear so can be clicked on and file can be heard 9. In Powerpoint When finished, upload normally onto Google Drive, choosing to share anyone with a link Place link onto a new post: Task 2: Audio Presentation on my Project To view this, it will have to be downloaded onto the viewerslaptop in order for them to open audio files for each slide To download, click arrow button 10. Slideshare allows you to embed powerpoints onto blogs. It is blocked by the school but you can use it at home for this, and other tasks. 11. 1. 2. 3. 4.Open an account Upload a powerpoint from computer Save and continue Go to My Uploads below and add audio 5. You can either record your voice on a PC (using Audacity) or download Audio Memos, a free app for ipad and export file 6. You can upload a MP3 file of your recorded voice from computer 12. Audio Memos App for ipad Download for free on App Store Record your voice and email the MP3 file to yourself to then download from an email 13. If you have an ipad, you can use Explain Everything App Make a presentation of text and images and talk over it. You can import a powerpoint into it to talk over Can be saved onto Camera Roll can be uploaded as a video file See tutorial video: