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2. What is PowerPoint? PowerPoint is a program that helps you to show all of your information to other people. You can display your information on different slide depending on the topic. This is the PowerPoint logo: 3. Slides Slide allow you to display your information on different topics on different parts of your PowerPoint. To make a new slide you need to click on the button on the top of the menu labelled new slide a new slide will appear under your old one. 4. Design A design is what the background of your PowerPoint will look like. You can change the design in the task bar. 5. Transitions Transitions change how your slide will move to the next one. You can make it be pushed, split or dissolved . You can change transitions in the task bar. 6. Setting out PowerPoint When making a PowerPoint, you need to make the background and writing clear to see. If you make red writing on a pink background, it will be hard to see and read. 7. How to save To save your PowerPoint you need to click on the file button and it will come up with a list of options. Press the save as button and save it to wherever you want to. 8. The end!