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Doing a sales pitch? How to you make a point? You provide evidence... Three options to do so! Story, example and data!


<ul><li> 1. bluelobster.coHow To Make A PointWhen You Pitch</li></ul> <p> 2. Doing a sales pitch? 3. How do you promote yourawesome product or service? 4. What do you say? 5. Its awesome! 6. It works like magic! 7. It will change your life! 8. That sounds like Steve Jobs 9. But there is more 10. If you want to make a point 11. You need to show evidence 12. Three waysto show evidence 13. STORY EXAMPLE DATA 14. Lets say you are selling cars 15. STORY EXAMPLE DATA 16. STORY 17. Tell a story about how yourproduct or service has helpedsomeone else 18. This is John 19. He was lonely 20. Desperate for change 21. John bought this car 22. Then these ladies showed up 23. He met the one and only 24. And he got married! 25. Now John has everything 26. Wanna change your life? 27. EXAMPLE 28. Give an example of whatyour product or service cando for the customer 29. What can this car do for you? 30. Three things 31. It can take you places! 32. It can win the races! 33. It can get you pretty faces! 34. Three things 35. Places Races Faces 36. Ready to buy? 37. DATA 38. Share the specificationsof your product of service 39. 0-60 mph13.4 sec30 bhp8 mpg 40. Wire wheelsConvertible2 seats 41. Much better than competition 42. Convinced? 43. Thats it! 44. How To Make A Point 45. Show Evidence 46. STORY EXAMPLE DATA 47. To be more effectiveUSE ALL 3 48. You will sell more! 49. @bluelobstercoHow To Make A PointWhen You Pitch 50. BLUE LOBSTERWe help you create presentations that win A Slides That Rock Company </p>