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  • 1. You can add text effect or Clip art Bold, on a lean, under lined or all of them.Big middle small small
  • 2. To do text effects you highlight the word, right click and gointo format text effects.To add clip art go into insert And you will see clip art with thefour little pictures. Click on it and type in what You want.To do word art you have to go to insert go to word art withthe bigYou will find size, bold, lean and underline in Home.
  • 3. To make sound you need windows mediawe dont have that but you can try athome. It is in insert and has a speaker andsays audio on it.
  • 4. To get a back ground you go in to designand pick a back ground ours is grey andblack with a bit of pink.
  • 5. To add shapes you go to home or insert. Inhome there will be a box of shapes youcan choose from. In insert there is a boxthat says shapes on it. You Im a Hi I am can 100 square coolwrite in them
  • 6. To make your slides fade or move in someway you go in to transitions and you canchoose a different one for each slide.
  • 7. You go in to animations and choose a typeof effect to put on a word(s).
  • 8. Bye everyone stay for the credits.
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