How to Make a Move On a Girl... the Wrong Way

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<p>How to Make a Move On a Girl The WRONG Way</p> <p>By: Frankie Cola</p> <p></p> <p>Making a Move on a Girl Without Getting REJECTED and Avoiding the Friend Zone Speech</p> <p>If you're "crushing" on a girl, and you feel like it's <br />time to make the move on her, then keep reading <br />because you don't want to make a critical mistakealmost all guys make.</p> <p>When your mind starts getting obsessed with that one particular girl... you start thinking about her and then you go crazy overnalyzing your conversations... trying to look for proof that she likes you.</p> <p>If you're not sure, here's an innocent move you can make on her to test if she likes you or if you're merely in the friend zone:<br /></p> <p>(Click here to learn the Friend Zone Test)</p> <p>As you get more into this girl the little things start to worry you.<br /><br /></p> <p>If she doesn't text you back, you freak out... when she finally replies, you get a huge sense of RELIEF for that day...<br /><br /></p> <p>And then you find excuses to see her...and you devise ways to "bump into her"</p> <p>Sooner or later though... you start sensing she is fading away.<br /></p> <p>You realize she seems more "busy" than before... she seems less interested... and she texts you back with short one or two word responses.</p> <p>Now you're beginning to WORRY that you will "lose" her... <br /><br />So you start feeling that you have to "GO FOR IT" before you LOSE your opportunity forever.</p> <p>Is this ringing a bell?</p> <p>If you're going to for it, then you better know how to make a move on a girl.</p> <p>Otherwise, you'll just end up with a friend-zone speech.</p> <p>You see, most guys blow it when they go for the move.</p> <p>And it's because they go for what's called<br /><br />The Grandiose Gesture"<br /><br />Let me explain...</p> <p>When you are about to make the "grandiose gesture"... it's like you feel that you are the character in the movie... and that this is the moment of truth <br />The climax where you're going to perform this grandiose gesture that will win the girl over.</p> <p>Know what I'm talking about?</p> <p>Ok <br /><br />Remember those cheesy 80's movies where the "nice guy" protagonist does the grandiose gesture to win over the girl of his dreams?</p> <p>In particular, there's that John Cusack movie called "Say Anything" where he stands outside the girl's window with a boombox on his head playing her favorite song and suddenly she realizes he's the one for her.</p> <p>Well you might feel you're like the main character in your own "movie" that's going on in your life right now... and so you decide to go for it...and you pick a day.</p> <p>So you "go for it" and you reveal your feelings for her... or you send her flowers... or you buy her a gift... or play her a song on the guitar... </p> <p>Basically, you do that ONE GRAND MOVE that you think is going to win the girl over and that you feel you REALLY HAVE TO DO!</p> <p>All or nothing... leaving it all in the line... <br />win or go home...</p> <p>But then once you finally do the deed... it happens.</p> <p>She gives you the "Let's Just Be Friends" Speech</p> <p>She tells you something like:</p> <p>Youre so sweet, but lets just be friends</p> <p>or</p> <p>Aww youre so sweet, but I just dont feel the same way</p> <p>And that's it. You are officially in the Friend Zone.</p> <p>You see, doing something special for a girl like surprising her with flowers, writing her a song, or writing her a poem... can be a very sweet thing to do...</p> <p>...IF you are ALREADY in a relationship with her.</p> <p>But if you try this on a girl you still haven't evenkissed... with the intention of creating attraction merely by making this move... </p> <p>'s one of the WORST mistakes you can do.</p> <p>Why? Because it does NOTHING to create ATTRACTION and it only ends up KILLING your chances with her.</p> <p>And let me tell you... It SUCKS.</p> <p>I KNOW because I've BEEN THERE.</p> <p>In fact, I have tried the Grandiose Gesture countless of times, and I failed miserably EVERY SINGLE TIME.</p> <p>I've written songs for girls... I've written poems... I've even drawn beautiful portraits of them... and not ONCE did I get the girl by doing the Grandiose Gesture.</p> <p>Not only did they not work, as I now look back, these things probably seemed CREEPY AS HELL to the woman.</p> <p>Why? Because these actions don't trigger attraction in her.</p> <p>Instead, the girl gets more TURNED OFF, and she acts more distant with you.</p> <p>Although she might give you a hug and say "awww thank you" when you do the Grandiose Gesture, she seems more disinterested afterwards, and even stops responding to your texts.</p> <p>If you feel CURSED that you constantly end up in the friend zone then it's time to take action and do something about it.</p> <p>How to make a move on a girl... the right way?</p> <p>In particular, theres a move you can do on a girl figure out if she truly likes you... or if you're merely just a friend.</p> <p>Its a chemistry test called, the Friend Zone Test <br /><br />(Learn to do the Friend Zone Test HERE)</p> <p> Here is a simple and innocent move that will instantly tell you if you're in the friend zone, or if she's waiting for you to kiss her... </p> <p>Click Here to Find Out the Move (It's FREE)</p> <p>The Friend Zone Test- Simple Trick Tells You if a Girl Wants You to Kiss Her</p> <p>Read More Free Articles on Dating and Lifestyle Advice on</p> <p></p> <p>How to Make a Move on a Girl... the WRONG Way</p>