how to make a great impression on your first day

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  • Whether youre a graduate,

    manager or CEO, your first day on

    the job can have a huge bearing on

    how you are perceived by other

    staff from then on.

    No doubt you want to make the

    right impression quickly - this seven

    step strategy will help you do just



  • If youre early, youre on time. If

    youre on time, youre late. Show

    your eagerness to start on the job

    by turning up around half an hour to

    fifteen minutes early.

    Making sure youre wearing the

    correct attire is also of paramount

    importance. You should have

    already clarified with your manager

    what the dress code is, but if you

    didnt then see if you can find out

    from the company website.

    1. Be early and suitably dressed

  • Greet everyone by name and use

    their names when conversing to

    help embed this information by

    mentioning their name throughout

    the conversation youre also helping

    to build rapport.

    Once youve met everyone, map

    out a seating plan and plot their

    names in the respective positions.

    Also make a note of other

    employees who you will have

    regular contact with.

    2. Remember names

  • Part of your managers job is to

    support you with problems or

    queries therefore, they will be

    most receptive to your needs during

    your first few days.

    Use this opportunity to ask broad

    questions about the business which

    you might feel silly asking later on.

    3. Ask questions

  • In the early stages you should be

    listening and learning a lot more

    than you are talking. Carry a

    notebook and pen around with you

    at all times, ready for whatever

    nuggets of information your

    colleagues might impart.

    There will be a lot of important

    information to learn on your first

    day, and throughout your on-

    boarding period, so make sure

    youre all ears at all times.

    4. Listen

  • Even though its only your first day

    you should already be thinking

    about how everything youre

    learning now builds into the bigger

    picture, including various

    colleagues and your relationships

    with them.

    Keep your job description handy so

    you can make a mental note of the

    essential responsibilities and who

    youll be coordinating those with.

    5. Big-picture thinking

  • Call your recruiter and let them

    know how your first day went. Talk

    through the people you met, the

    projects youve been assigned to

    and how you found your day.

    Its important to share any

    questions you may have at this

    early stage, when your consultant is

    best placed to find out information

    on your behalf.

    6. Call your recruiter

  • If, after your first day, you feel that

    you may have made a mistake or

    that you just wont get with your

    new colleagues then dont panic.

    It often takes time to settle into a

    new organisation and many people

    have initial reservations, which they

    then quickly overcome. New job

    jitters are totally natural, as change

    is often uncomfortable.

    7. Give it a chance

  • Good luck!

    You only get one shot at a first

    impression so make sure yours has

    positive and lasting effects by

    adhering to the seven tips provided

    in this SlideShare.

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