How to make a good oral presentation?

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How to make a good oral presentation?. By Karl Del Duchetto. Presentation plan. Before the presentation : how to prepare? During the presentation : What to do/not to do? How to encourage communication? After the presentation : Facing weird questions Comments. Preparation. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>How to make a good presentation?</p> <p>How to make a good oral presentation?By Karl Del Duchetto</p> <p>1Presentation planBefore the presentation : how to prepare?During the presentation :What to do/not to do?How to encourage communication?After the presentation :Facing weird questionsComments</p> <p>2PreparationHow to prepare?Know your subjectMake a plan by chaining logical ideasKnow your enemy : be ready for questionsManage your stressThere is nothing like practice!Choose your visual support, keep it simple.</p> <p>3During the presentationWhat to do :</p> <p>Begin by introducing yourself briefly.</p> <p>Present your plan.</p> <p>Start your presentation, and breathe normally.</p> <p>Speak loud enough and not too quick/slow.</p> <p>Varying intonation and words used.</p> <p>Show some interest.</p> <p>4During the presentationHow to encourage communication :Face the public, never show them your back.</p> <p>Look at everyone in the room.</p> <p>Stand straight. Stay natural.</p> <p>Accompanyyour talk withgesturesof the heador hand.</p> <p>Never cross yourlegsor arms,it is a signof closure.Andsmile!</p> <p>5After the presentationHow to deal with embarrassing or weird questions?- Listen to the question and make sure you understand it.- Be honest, if you dont know the answer, say so.- Dont be too rude, do not use words like not at all.If you get any good or bad comments, stay open minded and use those comments to improve your next presentation.6DiscussionDo you have any tricks to manage stress?Do you have any fun story to learn from?Any new comments to bring?</p> <p>7</p>