How to Make a Good Impression on Your Property Managers

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Your Property manager is definitely someone you want to be in good graces with. Here are some ways to do just that.


  • How to Make a Good Impression on Your Property Managers Property managers are placed in a position of power over renters. They often have the right to enforce


    If they lack that power, their recommendation to the owners can influence a punishment. They can also

    be instrumental in lowering your rent, forgiving late payments, and adjusting rules to meet your needs.

    Building a good reputation can help you find leniency in a strict world. You shouldnt brownnose your

    managers just to get your way.

    Tips for Building a Good Reputation You should do it to build a good reputation for yourself and better your chances of moving up in the

    world by building good relationships. You never know how helpful a good recommendation from your

    property manager can be when you decide to move or take out a loan.

    The following are some tips to brownnose your property managers. You should find these tips helpful in

    becoming a praised tenant.

    Follow the rules. Tenants do well by their property managers to not only know the rules, but abide by

    them as well.

    Treat the place you live in like it belongs to someone who signs your paycheck. You would want to make

    the best impression on your boss by following his rules.

    Every rule broken would increase the likelihood that your boss would treat you like you treated his stuff.

    Property owners often reserve the right to kick-tenants with very little notice.

    Tenants that follow the rules stay on their good side. The

    longer you follow the rules, the better relationships you will

    have with your property manager.

    These rules are available for the reference in the contract you

    signed. The main office will gladly provide you a new copy of

    them if you misplaced your own.

    Pets should be taken care of as well. If they are allowed, make sure you clean up after them.

    Bring tools to help you take care of your dogs messes outside. Clean out cages, liter boxes, and tanks

    often. Prevent the smell from spreading around the apartment.

    The goal is to make it seem like you dont have a pet at all. You want him to be a surprised to remember

    that you have a pet at all (when hes outside or inside your apartment).

  • Treat the Property Like You Would Your Own Consider the comfort of the people around you. Whether you live in an apartment or in a rented house,

    you should be considerate of your neighbors.

    There are times to have fun and there are times to be quiet. Keep loud music, barking dogs, and

    distracting activities to a minimum as evening turns into night.

    In general, respect them as you would want to be respected.

    Respect their privacy.

    Respect their sleeping habits. Respect their property.

    Go above and beyond for them. Get to know them.

    Protect their property as you would your own. Ask them what

    they like and what they dont like.

    The more you know and work with your neighbors, the less likely they are to make bad reports of you.

    Building a good reputation will help your image in the eyes of your property managers.

    Clean the property often. It may not be yours, but it might as well be while youre living there.

    Make it the model apartment of your complex. Make it so nice that the managers would feel

    comfortable bringing potential renters through.

    Keep the apartment presentable. Keep it sanitary.

    Remove clutter. Find a place for everything.

    These are all great habits to get into for when you own a house in the future. Focus on becoming a good

    tenantfor the right reasonsto help you get there one day.

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