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First impressions do last. Your actions and intentions are interpreted through the filter of a good impression. Showing your best is a must when attracting and seducing women. Make your entrance into the lady’s life memorable with these useful dating tips for men. There is no second chance for a good impression.


  • Have you heard of the phrase, first impression lasts? Well, this is true. Although I first

    encountered this phrase from a body spray commercial, I can verify it for myself that this catchy

    expression is true. An impression refers to a feeling, idea or opinion about something or someone

    that is formed without any conscious thought. When you make an imprint on someone, your

    future actions and intentions will be perceived or interpreted based on your initial impression.

    This means that whatever you do from that point onwards will be filtered through the funnel of

    your first impression. As you can see, good impression is really important. The question is,

    How can you make a good impression?

  • When you meet a girl for the first time, attracting and seducing her may not be enough. You also

    need to make the romantic encounter memorable for her. Let the thoughts of you linger in her

    mind. Leave your mark in her psyche. Make her remember you for the rest of her life. Dont be like the average guy that she meets on a regular basis. Be awesome! You can have a good start

    by having a good impression.

    We can compare making a good impression to stamping a mark. You have to make sure that you

    use enough ink and you apply enough pressure in order to make the mark more recognizable.

    Such principle also applies to attracting and seducing women. You want the lady to remember

    you after the brief encounter. You are leaving your mark on her so to speak. Here are some

    useful dating tips that will help you to make a good impression:

    1. Make good eye contact. Are you afraid of looking into her eyes? What is the worst thing that

    could happen? Such experience makes you feel uncomfortable and you make the situation more

    awkward by avoiding any eye contact with her. You did not look her in the eye because you

    dont want to scare her away. Unfortunately, you make an opposite effect. You have aroused her

    suspicion because of the poor eye contact. In our culture, good eye contact conveys

    trustworthiness and confidence. So next time you meet a girl for the first time, look her in the eye

    and show to her your trustworthiness and true self-confidence.

    2. Talk using a deep voice. You are a man. You are expected to be masculine in the way that you

    talk, think, and act. A deep sexy voice is attributed to being an alpha male. For some reason,

    alpha males are more attractive to women than the average joe. If you happen to have a pre-

    adolescent squeaky voice, then you may need to practice deepening your voice. It may take some

    time and practice but this goal is feasible.

    3. Groom yourself. If you are going to leave your mark on the girl, then do it with a scent of

    stimulating perfume. Be the best version of yourself by doing some grooming practices that can

    bring out the best of you. In contrast, dont repel the ladies with that strong unwanted odor that will haunt her for days. If you can take care of yourself, then you can also take care of the other

    people that you love.

    4. Manifest self-confidence. You cannot fake true self-confidence. You have to firmly believe in

    yourself before the aura of confidence will shine through. Relying so much on other peoples approval for your validation can ruin your self-esteem. I would encourage you to be aware of

    what other people say and think about you but dont let other people run your life. Having the

    guts to take charge of your life despite the opposition is itself your true self-confidence.

    5. Initiate interaction. As an alpha male, you are expected to start the interaction. Although

    women are having more control over their lives in the last decades, one could not deny the fact

    that the ladies still find the alpha males attractive. When you see a good looking woman, dont be afraid to approach her. You are only making the situation more awkward if you hesitate. You

    only have a small window of opportunity to attract and seduce the girl. So I encourage you to

    strike while the iron is still hot.

    6. Be courteous. If flattery will not take you anywhere, then your courteousness can take you

    places where only a few people go. Put into consideration the welfare of others. This is what you

  • call respect. This could be manifested in your words and actions. Women want to be respected.

    When I say respect, I dont mean being nice. There is a slight difference between the two. When

    you truly respect someone, you are outcome independent. You dont need to be rewarded because you truly believe in the validity of your actions. In comparison, being nice means doing

    something good in order to have something good in return. This is a turn off for a lot of women.

    They dont want to be treated like a slot machine. You dont necessarily do good things for them and expect sex in return. It does not necessarily work that way.

    7. Flirt. Girls want some indicators of interest as a validation. They dont put on their make-up

    and sexy clothes for no reason. You can provide them with positive reinforcements for a job well

    done by flirting with them. You cannot underestimate the effects of flirting on women. It will

    make them feel good about themselves and it can also arouse their interest in you. Did you know

    that memory is closely related to emotional triggers? This means that if you can elicit a strong

    emotional stimulation from the women, then you are more likely to be remembered. The strong

    emotional stimulation need not to be positive. The strong negative emotional stimulation will

    have the same effect.

    8. Take charge of the interaction. Although women are now having more control over their

    lives thanks to the feminist movement, they still expect their partners to be an alpha male. They

    want a man who can take charge of the situation and who can sweep them off their feet. You

    have to achieve a certain level of control over your life in order to be considered as a potential

    partner. Women prefer alpha males because nice guys frustrate them.

    9. Keep the conversation light and casual. Deep conversations are reserved only for people who

    are in your inner circle. Having a deep conversation with a stranger can be a daunting

    experience. You are putting everything on the table too soon. You are not leaving enough room

    for mystery and interest to blossom. Keeping the conversation light and casual during the initial

    interaction can prove beneficial to your part. It has less pressure but more on pleasure. This will

    provide an environment that is conducive for attraction and seduction.

    10. Extend your friendship to the people surrounding you. Who do you think is more

    attractive? The man who is isolated or the man who is surrounded by gorgeous women?

    Naturally, you will answer the man who is surrounded by a group of beautiful ladies. When you

    are surrounded with a lot of friends, you are sending a resounding message to the girl that you

    are socially competent and you are approved by the society. People tend to follow the crowd and

    the dictates of the society. Gorgeous women are no different. This is how the principle of social

    proofing comes into play. The more will have more and less will have less.

    Making a good impression is like leaving a mark in the womans psyche. It has to be good and

    memorable. You have to remember that ladies will gauge your future words and actions with

    their first impression about you. Therefore, it is important for you to make a good impression

    because first impression lasts. Apply the useful dating tips that are presented to you earlier so

    that you can increase your chance of making a good impression into the girl.

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