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TRANSCRIPT HOME PRIVACYhow to make a big boob POSTED SEARCHNEWS ON SUNDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2010 11:44 AM How to Make Breasts Big - Learn toMake Your Breasts Big by DressingThem By Ositadima Modozie I know you are looking for a way tomake your breasts appear bigger, butt o b e s i n c e r e w i t h y o u t h eenlargement of your boobs throughthe use of natural means takes time.Though it does work but it requirest ime and commitment. I f you arelooking for the things required of youto do in order to enlarge your breastsnaturally, we have a lot of techniques which you can follow in the meantime to improve theappearance of your boobs. The key to this is in the way you dress. Below are the proven ways which you can use to make your breasts big. 1. Start wearing gathers: if you start to wear tops which have gathers or shirring all over your chest, itwill top up the mass and form more curves at the places you can not find any. 2. Improve it with an empire top: You can wear empire waist and baby doll tops, it will form a nice flatchested-figure on your chest since it is going to enhance your waistline. 3. Pare your waistline: try to wear belts and tops which have nips. When you wear them, it will makeyour shape look great as well as your waist. The smaller your waist is, the larger your chest will lookwhen compared with the two of them, making your breasts appear big. 4. Add some inches to your accessories: If you wear accessories, it will make the volume round yourchest to counterbalance your proportions. In order to create the illusion that your breast is bigger,simply put on scarves and chunky necklace which drop at bust level. 5. Get big breasts by wearing some specific types of bra. If you wear a bra that is padded, it works tomake your breast appear big. Search for it and wear the types of bras which have gel pads and youcan also try silicon enhancers. how to make a big boob POSTED SEARCHNEWS ON SUNDAY, 05-DEC-2010 11:44 AM If you are looking for safe ways to make your breasts big, you can find some of them by reading thecontent of this article. It is not easy to find ways to make your breasts big by dressing them, but myarticle has written easy to follow steps on how to make your breasts appear big by dressing them. POST1 Flat 2 Fab is an online breast enlargement program which provides you with the step by stepinstructions needed to make your breast grow. If you are not comfortable with the size of your breasts,it is possible to make them appear bigger. See more at POST2 categories COPYRIGHT 2010 SEARCHNEWS.CO.CC . ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.